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December 29, 2011


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Brian do you have any mails of folks who almost got involved with RSSB but owing to your site or some other intervention avoid entanglment?

If you turn that photo upside down and hold it fourteen inches from your face you'll see the radiant face of Jesus.

cc, oh my God! You're right! It's a miracle. Well, kind of.

To me, the face in the upside down photo looks more like a bug-eyed space alien, perhaps with a horrible deformity. But, hey, I'm happy to receive supernatural communications from any source. Makes my dog walks more interesting, for sure.

Dogribb, I've gotten all sorts of emails about RSSB. I seem to recall a few along the lines you spoke of: people who are taking a second look at their decision to seek initiation.

I also hear from: (1) people concerned about a relative or loved one who they believe has fallen into the RSSB "cult" and want advice on what to do, (2) people leaning toward asking for initiation and wanting to know more about my own RSSB experience, and, of course (3) people who are astounded that I'm no longer involved with RSSB and scold me for giving up on the One True Path.

"people who are astounded that I'm no longer involved with RSSB and scold me for giving up on the One True Path."

I was on The One True Path for several years, but it intersected with so many other True Paths, I had to abandon pathology altogether.

...' if you could go astray, then i should mind and watch myself very closely as i am new on this path.'

Oh new seeker, as cute as you sound & 'speak', full of hope & promises-yet-to-be-realised, you are definitely 'new' to this path of RSSB, Sant Mat!

Now for me, as ancient seeker 2011,this has been my year for getting-it-all-off-my-chest once & for all. And - being very grateful for this website - I can say that, for me at least, there's now no more need to say another word about Babaji-G, about his version of the Truth, his way of life, his RSSB/SOS style of spiritual organisation ... for it's all writ in these blogs for those who have the wit & wisdom to hear it; written by the likes of Brian, Tara, Mike Williams, Tao et al who at least give-it-straight as they've experienced & seen it all.

And, new RSSB seeker, that'll do for me cos one thing I do know for sure - have realised for my very self - is that our 'radiant' friend Babaji-G does NOT give it straight!

But then, perhaps that's what his new blogging - internet sites - are all about. For, regardless of all he's previously said about such sites as these it seems he's now eager to forge a more direct/cyber link with initiates via his facebook & twitter accounts ... so, perhaps, we might surmise that his inner contact/messaging system no longer has the ooomph these days!

Well, it's been a real treat Babaji-G! I, for one, am just so appreciative of the experience of having been in-then-out of RSSB within this one life time ... so hang in their brother-Guru, having become so attached to your current status there's little doubt, if you believe the hype, that there's a loada familiar faces you'll be meeting time & again in lifetimes to come ... but, God willing, one of them will not be me!

So here's to a Happy New Babaji-G-less 2012!

Gurinder Singh has a blog, Facebook, and Twitter accounts? Is this irony, or reality (assuming there's a difference)? Regardless, Happy New Year back at you, seeker2011. Will you be changing your online name tomorrow?

Gurus are the gentlemen of con-artistry because when the conned catches on, he realizes he was using the guru no less than he was being used, and that all's fair in tomfoolery.

There is a vast ocean. The end is not visible. There is a ship, deep inside the ocean, moving slowly and steadily towards the end of the ocean. There is a crow sitting on the ship. The crow gets impatient. He wants to reach the end of the ocean right now. He feels he can do himself. He takes-off the ship. And flies, and flies, and flies, .................., at random. But to no avail. He gets miserable, terribly miserable, horribly miserable,...............; gets tired, exhausted, terribly, horribly,......... But the end is not visible. He realises, he was better-off sitting on the ship. He searches for the ship. To his utter happiness, he is able to see the ship. He flies fast and comfortably land on the ship. Promising to himself, that he would never leave the ship again. This is our plight. We have no option except to enjoy the comfort of the ship. Sooner we realise better it is.

I am wondering whether some people have been deliberately planted to criticise, because the criticism is the best way to keep aside the people who are not serious as on today.

Rajendra, that's a nice story. But where is the reality? I'm not on a ship in the ocean. I'm sitting in my house, typing on my laptop.

So I assume your story is a metaphor, since people aren't crows, and life isn't a ship.

What is the crow? What is the ship? What is the ocean? Are you saying that a religion is the ship; each person is a crow; and life is the ocean?

If so, this metaphor doesn't seem correct. I'm not lost in the ocean. I'm right here in my house, typing on my laptop. I'm not miserable, tired, exhausted. I just ate. I've got a cup of coffee. Life is good.

Anyway, if religion is the ship we should be resting on, how are we to decide which of the thousands of religion-ships in the ocean we should perch on? Each one claims to be able to get us to salvation, enlightenment, heaven, a promised land.

Oh BTW, the meditation only works if you focus on your pineal gland and not the 3rd eye focus. This is weird but true. It's like tripping on acid but a lot more divinely inspired. Very cool visuals. I don't know why they tell people to focus on the 3rd eye centre, all you get from that is a headache and eye strain. I CAN'T BELIEVE you've been meditating the wrong way for over 30 years! That's just depressing.

Yeah, just_bob, good point. I frequently got eyestrain and headaches focusing on the fucking third eye center for the better part of three decades. What bullshit these phoney satgurus throw at you! Any yogi worth his fudgestained loincloth knows that the pineal gland is where it's at. Basic stuff, and that's where I'm heading as soon as I put a period at the end of this sentence.

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