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November 03, 2011


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Don't forget, Blogger Brian, that your personal disdain for the beliefs of true believers is also God's will. I can't say that I am in exact alignment with Judge Herndon's rather condescending comments on the case, but hey, I guess he is entitled to his opinions. As nihilistic as I am, I still find life rather compelling.
I wonder if I would be prosecuted if it were discovered that I willfully refused to render CPR to a person who subsequently died and who might have survived if I had actually performed CPR. Actually, I wonder if I could live with myself if I got away with such a thing....

Can you be prosecuted for not knowing CPR? My religion dictates that CPR is Satanic, contrary to God's will, and that those who learn it go to Hell.

I'm wondering how many people died as the result of faith healing last year as compared to death by doctors


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