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November 29, 2011


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Regarding empty paper bag 3, or using it as an example. Where did we get the words; empty, paper, bag and number 3? Those are just dualistic words and numbers. So, what is the exact absolute non-conceptual description of that "empty paper bag 3" thing? Go there and then tell me what it absolutely is. Well, that journey will not happen, so what do we then have? But, but this non-conceptual so-called place would be a no-thing-ness kinda no place?

Roger, good questions. I'm not adept enough in mathematics to answer them, so I'll simply share some more quotes from the Ian Stewart article:
...a basic idea needed sorting out that no one really understood [in the late 1800s]. Numbers.

Sure, everyone knew how to do sums. Using numbers wasn't the problem. The big question was what they were. You can show someone two sheep, two albatrosses, two galaxies. But can you show them two?

The symbol "2"? That's a notation, not the number itself. Many cultures use a different symbol. The word "two"? No, for the same reason... For thousands of years humans had been using numbers to great effect; suddenly a few deep thinkers realised no one had a clue to what they were.

...The way to define them, he [Frege] believed, was through the deceptively simple process of counting.

What do we count? A collection of things -- a set. How do we count it? By matching the number of things in the set with a standard set of known size. The next step was simple but devastating: throw away the numbers.

You could use the [seven] dwarfs to count the days of the week. Just set up the correspondence: Monday (Doc), Tuesday (Grumpy)...Sunday (Dopey). There are Dopey days in the week. It's a perfectly reasonable alternative number system.

...The number of days equals the number of dwarfs, not because both are seven, but because you can match days to dwarfs.

What, then, is a number? Mathematical logicians realised that to define the number 2, you need to construct a standard set which intuitively has two members. To define 3, use a standard set with three numbers [or members?; could be typo]. ...This was where the empty set came in and solved the whole thing by itself.

Let me remind everyone once again:

Of course we will never know the answer but things can become crystal clear in such a way that there is no question, if we understand the primary illusion which is...

objectifying what is functioning (while objectifying) and calling it 'me'.

Therefore, the freedom (answer) you look for is where you look from. And what would that be?

Now you know (don't know).

This blog entry suffers from philosohpic naivetee. In fact, this is due because it relies on the works of scientisits and mathmaticians who happen to be the worst of philosophers in our unfortunate times.
Nothing is nothing, period. So saying nothing is comprised of the quantum energy of space-time, super symmetric, quantum loop, non-dual gravity or whatever is just silly attempts at intimidating people.
Simple philosophical truth. Any statement saying nothing is formed of ... is wrong.
In addition, i didn't understand what al this fancy talk about set theory has to do with nothing. Who ever said that nothingness is equivalent to zero or to the empty set? It seems you're comparing oranges to apples only because they'reboth spherical in shape.
One final advice, if you accept it. Never take philosophy from scientists. They're really, ... Well, naive.

I'm guessing my follow up got lost.

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