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November 19, 2011


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Sam Harris summarizes the absolute folly of religion here..... great clip.

What is the exact definition of Doom, and being doomed? I need further details on what exactly a pool of fire is? What is the fuel source, that maintains a fire into eternity? Likewise, what is the temperature, in degrees F, at which this pool burns at? After, burning(me or you) for say a week, could I just get use to such a heated environment and go on doing my thing. I will have lots of company, I'm not going to be lonely or bored.

Roger, my exact definition of being "doomed" is to be forced to watch Republican presidential debates for eternity, not being able to close one's eyes or ears, doomed to listen to Cain, Bachmann, Perry, et al spout inanities without stop.

The doom of others may differ, of course. Amazingly, some people might consider that listening to Obama give a State of the Union address over and over would be hellish.

"......being "doomed" is to be forced to watch Republican presidential debates for eternity, not being able to close one's eyes or ears, doomed to listen to Cain, Bachmann, Perry, et al spout inanities without stop."

---Brian, you could stop all that doom stuff, by just simply believing in all religions. Stack em all up, believe in ALL, then paradise shall be yours. Trust me.....

Back to the realm of pure seriousness, I demand a scientific investigation into how Almighty God created this place of Doom.

So, how big is this lake of fire? How did Almighty God create an energy source that fuels this monsterous fire for eternity?
Currently, how many doomed Souls exist in this lake of fire? Any over crowding issues, worth discussing? Let's begin the project.

I once rode my Harley down to Doomville, where I camped out on the shores of the Lake of Fire.

On the way, I picked up a couple of really hot babes and a bottle of Jack at the local tavern, and we had us a hell of smokin time of it that night.

The lake is as far and wide as the eye can see, but its actually quite shallow. A small child could wade across it with ease.

That old devil who is the long-time caretaker had some flamin skull-shaped tiki lamps along the pathway that leads down to the boat-dock, where the old bastard had a knarly-ass boat named "Perdition".

He also had a bunch of pet snakes that would slither around and bite anyone who complained about the sulfur fumes and warm weather.

There were also a lot of old bones littering the narrow charcoal black sand beach. Apparently they were unfortunate lost souls who had failed to get 'some of that ole time religion', before they went out on that boat.

Yet all in all, it was a groove.

tAo,he he...he,peace man


It just warms my heart to read your documented empirical observations of Doom and the Lake of Fire. Your message was filled with scientific inspiration. True, it warmed my heart, however, the reference to the hot babes warmed another part of my body. That was really nice and special. I now can see the birth of DOOMology and the advances to come. Much much thanks....

The next question ...which has already been explored is... Why do we believe ?...its all pure psychology...which in itself is relative

Belief, maybe just gives an excuse to develop some will power then break out regularly with some bizarre rituals and have a blast practising the vocals and meeting people from the community once a week.

tAo, that lake of fire story got me smilin'.

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