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November 05, 2011


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What did you think about Steve Jobs' last words? Those are the things you always wonder about. People used to be closer to the dying moments and my grandmother talked about what her brother claimed he saw when he was dying from that deadly 1818 (I think the date is right) flu epidemic. He saw many relatives who had already gone on and they were so real to him that he kept telling his sister she should see them also. This morning on the radio they were discussing the Jobs comments and one by a comedian Sam Kinison-- http://www.paulluvera.com/weblog/2009/11/the-strange-death-of-sam-kinison.html It's the kind of thing we can't explain even if we might wish to. I guess we'll know when it's our turn-- or maybe not ;)

Dying people often speak of reuniting with dead loved ones. It could be what the brain does to make the end of consciousness seem like the return to a happier time.

Its just a ride...from one of Sam's buddies


In regard to: "Hence, what we should really fear about death is not the extinction of being, but the awareness of moving from one level of consciousness into another. It is life, not death, which is really quite scary."...

--If infinity is truly infinite, how could this moment ever arrive? How could it ever end?

How could the inception of your consciousness ever arrive? How could it ever end?

No one arrives, so no one ends.

Does infinity have a beginning?

Without beginning, there is no end.

Hi tucson,
Once a person asked Ramana Maharshi what happens when we die.

Ramana replied, "Are you sure you were ever born ?"

Also, I think anyone presenting Get wise about life and death in 56 seconds,
should first learn to tell the truth

Running a club for Rajinder moles
doesn't make him look too smart.

I find Mr. Lane one of the worst liars
I have ever encountered.

Him and Juergensmeyer need their arrogant
butts spanked.

"Rajinder moles"?

Hi cc,

Yes, Rajinder moles. For the full
definition see this 2 minute documentary
on You Tube.


Look, I will admit to being the biggest promoter
of David Lane. See my books front cover;


I even admit Radhasoami Tradition on Kirpal
and Darshan is the standard historical text
by Lane. I have linked this book to many sites,
not only my own.

In my book, I picked out the politically correct
and historically correct quotes of Lane to
shine him in a positive light for future

But, I must admit, I feel like a zookeeper
sometimes. Moving behind the elephant
with a pooper scooper.

The truth is about Lane and myself, he
has always been jealous of me because
I am better looking.

He may have more hair, but I am tall
with 6 pack abbs and rippling muscles.

I used to run down the beach and kick sand
in the face of whimpy surfers just for fun.

He may have found Sach Kand in Regular sugar
Coke. But, I introduced him to the Radhasoami
Pad of Diet Coke.

Wisdom in 56 seconds is deceptive.

Aparently it will come in 200 installments which total 11,200 seconds or 187 minutes or 3 hours and 7 minutes.

Should be about enough time to have everyone just as confused and unwise as ever.


Where can I find your website?

Hi Roger,
My website is at


It is an extremely subversive Radhasoami
site. It was first introduced to
the general public by David Icke on
his website.

It was picked up by cult deprogramers
whom were seen on TV after they read
it on David Icke's site.

A very large amount of questions go
to the various Radhasoami Gurus,
from the Radhasoami Beas Secret History

I only wish it was not me who had to
write this book. There is still much
information I am withholding.

I am considering writing a book called
Deep Into the Hidden Occult.
(A case for the supernatural)

But, I believe first a person should reject all Gurus
and religions and afterlife.

This is very important. This shows the first signs
of rational thought and scientific inquiry.

Not a big fan of that lane guys stuff (a little too effervescent woo), but I liked the first video and the comedian Bill Hicks point of view.

Mike wrote: "But, I believe first a person should reject all Gurus
and religions and afterlife."

--Now remember folks, if you are going to reject an afterlife you must reject a beforelife also.

Thanks Mike,

I'm guessing the 12 chapters of Radhasoami Beas Secret History are your writings. I'm still kinda confused as to your view of the supernatural? Or, at least a positive/negative supernatural something coming from any of the guru masters? Clarify that please. I'm not finding fault with you, you should know that. Thanks Roger

Hi Roger, tucson, Abby and Tara,

The best place for a person to be is
an atheist whom does not believe in

I.E., a person whom has trashed everything
they know about religion and Gurus.

This is a good end point.

It is also a good beginning point.

The problem with my long seekers journey
is it took me to places and people that I did not suspect existed.

I started from scratch with no help
from anyone.

Almost everything everybody taught
me turned out to be untrue in the end.

What I actually saw turned out so far
away from what I had been told, that
I could not reconcile anything.

I developed an entirely different

And, it would take a book to explain.

An entirely different mindset would be
necessary to understand it.

The problem in explaining the new philosophy
would be that the second it would be stated,
the person would immediately revert back
to old knowledge in analyzing it.

Every time a person would repeat old
rhetoric in attempting to understand.

From Zen, to Buddha, to who knows what.

But, none of these things have I found
to be reality.

Reality turns out to be a very strange
world where yes and no exist together.
The opposites exist both together
and not together.

Where you can say one thing one second
and say the exact opposite the next
and both are right.

In this new world, even the astute jnani
and Zen master are perplexed.

The new world exists via a linkage to
a new dimension.

It is wonderfully simple in its massive complexity.

A completely unexpected new world.

Hi Tara.
David Icke is one of the most advanced
researchers in the occult today and one
of the most advanced investigators on
the New World Order and Rothschilds.

Quite an interesting fellow. But, on
the other hand, have I seen a shapeshifter ?
Or, someone turn reptilian ?

On the other question, I use material from
various sources such as U. G. Krishnamurti.
Yet, U. G. did not have such good things to
say about Jiddo krishnamurti.

Every person will make mistakes. So,
I take the best from what every person
has produced and present their better side.

Personalities make no difference to me.
I don't believe anyone even has a persona.

So, facts rule the day. Tell a good fact
and I will repeat it, no matter if I
like you or not.

Because, I know there is no you. (grin)


"If infinity is truly infinite ..."

But surely this initial assumption of infinity existing is the first thing that needs to be questioned before any other logic statements follow from it.


David Icke is completely nuts, as in the beam me up scotty variety, and one thing i would like to know is how come all you guys are besotted with conspiracy theories and the occult? The other thing, i dont really get is you seem hellbent on tearing down one another's gurus, moles and religions, and yet in the next breath, proclaim another seer or jnani (Maharshi or Krishnamurti) as somehow being great purveyors of the truth.

There's no consistency, its all muddled thinking.

Hi George,

I already pointed out David Icke talks about
shapeshifters and reptilians. And,
I have never seen either, as I mentioned.

But, this fellow is brilliant and has
some great insights. Again, I take the good
stuff a person produces and forget the rest.
People can be very conflicting.

Jiddo Krishnamurti, U. G. Krishnamurti and
Ramana Maharshi were religious debunkers.

And, were very outspoken one should forget
religions. Ramana said only use a religion
if there was absolutely no alternative.

The two K's crucified Religion and Gurus.

You are saying I have trashed some religions
and presented others as 'great purveyors
of the truth'.

Actually, I have been trashing religions
and using skeptics of religion to quote

Skeptics of religion are not Gurus.

I am promoting skeptics.

Right now the New World Order, owners
of the world central banks and our Fed,
are about to crash the world monetary system.

The new world order, as George Bush
and cronies call themselves, are out in
the open and in our faces.

They make no secret at all what they are

That's why Occupy Wall Street exists.

Yesterday Barclays bank stated Italy
was beyond the point of no return.

Greenspan said the Eurodollar will fail.

David Walker and almost every money
expert says the world is about to enter
great turmoil.

The New World Order wants one world
government and one world currency.

And, of course their central banks
to be our rulers.

The Rothschilds family owns half the net
worth of the entire world, incl. half the gold.

It's no secret.

Only someone whom lives on a remote island
could not know what's happenning.


I liked this,

"Reality turns out to be a very strange
world where yes and no exist together.
The opposites exist both together
and not together."

---It would take a subject/object mind to dream up the 'very strange world' wordage.

Hi Roger,

The Strange New World would require a
whole new language as you suggest.

From the Strange New World, one might
see the Jehovah Witness and the Zen master
at the same level.

They think they are worlds apart. But,
they seem to be in the same dimension.

In other words, a complete breakout of
our dimension is necessary.

Ramana Maharshi was trying hard to
describe the Strange New World.

That is in fact why he is so interesting.

Looks at the facts regarding Ramana Maharshi.

He read comic books while laying on a sofa.

Did he look worried ?

In the Strange New World, there is no need
for worry.

As Ramana described, a Power comes into
the consciousness of the person.

This power is so competent one need only
Touch it and do nothing else.

One does not need to think about it,
philosopize about it, nor worry about
the future.

Sort of the Holy Grail.

Ramana was an extremely complex man,
teaching us the Ultimate Simplicity.

The question becomes, how do I TOUCH
this Power ? Does this Power even exist
and how will I know it is real ?

This Power has nothing to do with spirituality,
or religion, or Gurus.

A definition of this Power is impossible,
so it cannot be spread by religion.

This Power can only be Touched here and now
and instantly without any prequalifications
at all.

It is a come as you are type affair. You can
never get ready for it, because you are
always ready for it.

The problem is, a person thinks they are never
ready for it. That they must prepare to receive
such a Power.

It is our faulty logic which prevents us
from Touching this Power immediately.

Only those with no logic can Touch it.

So, in order for us to Touch it, we grown ups
must go to a playground with small children.

And, ask them how they do it without even trying.


Jeezus h christ Mike, David Icke believes that there are reptilians in the skin of humans from the planet zoltan that control the world, he's a complete nutbar and into all that new world order conspiracy theory fruitcake crap. How can you be so accepting of this fellow and so intolerant of the Sant Mat chappies?

yeah i saw a talk by krishnamurtin on utube, there a lot of these guys who tell everyone to ignore gurus, and then he proceeds to give an hour-length sermon on enlightenment. Some wierd shit going down there. It can't be only me who spots the irony. I was waiting for someone in the audience to shout "Ok then Jidda, sit down and shut the fk up", but instead everyone sat with baited breath.

As for the global financial conspiracy, i dont believe it for a second for the simple reason that no-one has the slightest clue whats going down, and if anything we are teetering on the brink of a global catastrophe, which is certainly not what the elite money-mongers would want. There are serious flaws in the capitalist system, if anything there will need to be a whole new rethink not only about our economies but societies.


I think Zakk, or
Mike Williams, likes
to toss out a LOT of
red herrings.

IMO, Mike's referencing
David Icke? A Red Herring.

Perhaps he (or she) hopes
that clever people will
catch the important information
camouflaged with nonsense.

He must be laughing
his ass off --- somewhere.

Hi Betty and George.

Betty, I have seen sant mat destroy many
famalies and individuals.

This is a deadly serious topic, despite our
attempts to keep it light hearted.

If you dispute a fact, dispute a fact.

But, opinions, we exsatsangis have all
listened to many times before.

The opinions are the representations
of ones Guru.

The Guru carries no weight on this club.

The Guru is not our master here.

Gurus have been debunked and are too
afraid to come here.

George, you are mixing apples and oranges
and bananas.

May I suggest you add some vodka with
a pink umbrella ?

You know the other day I drove through downtown
Long Beach, California.

They are having occupy Long Beach there, as part
of the Occupy Wall Street movement across the world.

The older people were sitting in the park in back
of City Hall with signs.

The younger people 16-25 were moving through the city
with home made signs. Signs printed on cardboard
boxes. Some of these signs said END THE FED

It was a strange sight to see many white kids marching
down the streets with signs chanting slogans.

It was even stranger seeing these white kids
march past a bunch of black people at a bus stop.

I cannot describe the look on the black peoples
faces as they went by. They were stunned and
had to be thinking, wait a minute, aren't we
the ones who should be marching ?

Riots have broken out all over he world. People
trying to stop the central bankers and the Fed.

The Rothschilds own most of the major media and
most of the central banks of the world.

Goldman Sachs and J. P. Morgan, both owners
of our Federal Reserve Bank, were the two
largest contributors to the Obama campaign.

And, you can look back and see the money past
presidents have received. On, the other hand,
the military industrial complex,
again Rothschilds based, sponsors the opposing

We have no vote, when the Rothschilds pick
the candidates we vote for from both sides.

Even this new fellow Cain, was a member of the
federal reserve board.

This new generation has made me proud. They are
so much like the generation of the 70's.

We must END THE FED and print our own money
and all nations must do the same, or the world
is doomed. There is no other solution.

The fiat currency system is on the brink of
collaspe. The major banks of the world are
insolvent at this very moment, when their
assests are marked to market.


In Search of Jot Narinjan

Why don't Gurus show up here on Church
of the Churchless ?

Because it is not a controlled environment.

When a person asks a question to the Guru
in the Gurus orginization, in front of
hundreds and thousands of people, can they
really ask the tough questions ?

For years Radhasoami and Ruhani and
SOS and ECKANKAR and SRF have printed
rediculous material.

There was no one to dispute them. If
you did, their lawyers notified you

Now the internet has overpowered the Guru.

The 99% are now speaking. People whom never
spoke out in their life are, finding the
courage to say something.

Massive amounts of material are coming
online from every conceivable group
and religion.

People have revolted to the tyrany
of the Guru. The Gurus with Swiss bank accounts
hiding behind a corporate shield.

These gurus are extremely arrogant.

The Guru is an in your face criminal.


Now, we are telling them to drop dead.

To take their crap and sell it in side shows
off the back of gypsy wagons, along with
their homeopathic snake oil cures.

The Guru has taken his heel and ground us
into the dust. We were the willing slaves.

Now, we shout, We are Spartacus. We have
broken out of the gladiator pits and are
running amuck in the cities.

All the Gurus men and all the Gurus moles
cannot stop us.

The ponzi scheme of the Gurus' supremecy
has ended.


Is the next one, spelled correctly.... OnCar?


What does David Icke have to
do with the "representations of ones guru"?

Mike, you seem to bring in other
topics and (nefarious banksters*, Icke's weird inanity, etc.)and pile them into
the guru conversation. Why the weird amalgamation?

Yes, the guru topic is serious. Of course.
But when you drag in the likes
of David Icke and other such things,
you undermine people taking you
seriously. You are very smart.
So I assume you know this. Thus,
I guessed that certain topics were
Red Herrings. Hiding your gemstones
amidst utter crap.

*yes-- they are crooks

Hi Betty and Roger,
Roger, Om Kar is next on the way
to the devil's den.

Amoung other half crazy people I
like are Max Keiser, Peter Schiff,
Alex Jones, Marc Faber, late George
Carlin, Bethoven, Nietzsche, Einstein, Nigel Farage, Faquir Chand, Ron Paul, John Adams and Jesse Ventura.

There are scores of crazy people whom
have great insight in specific areas.
Geniuses are often not completely

The Occult, Politics and Central Banks

How are they related ?
Bohemian Grove
Council on Foreign Relations
Cecil Rhodes (New World Order)
Skull and Bones
Federal Reserve, Jeckell Island
United Nations
J.P Morgan, Goldman Sachs

Rothschilds, many presidents
and many world politicians and diplomats.

How are these occult ? An extremely large proportion
of these members are Satan worshippers.

They may go to a Christian Church on Sunday
and a Masonic Temple on Monday.

The slightest research reveals a very bizarre
Satanic influence. These people are not
kidding when they perform rituals to bring
Satan into their bodies and provide them power.

These are extremely well documented facts.

Now the New World Order over the last decades
has come out in the open.

Obama, Bush's, Clinton's, Nixon, and many many
others are on record and on tape. Not all,
but very many are Satan worshippers. Some just take their
money and dance to their tune.

Occupy Wall Street and the riots all over the
world now are saying ENOUGH. We do not want
a New world Order with one world government.
We do not want their elitist bankers as our

Ron Paul is screaming bloody murder.

The Federal Reserve Bank must be abolished.

The Occult dominates every area of your life.

Go learn about it. Don't debate it, just go
learn about it.

So, to find Rajinder, or Gurinder as false
is not enough.

The extreme cult of the Rothschids has
you in their complete and total power.

So, you are not yet exsatsangis. You
people still don't have a remote clue
what's going on. Not a clue.


Mike, it's difficult for me to believe that you're serious about this One World Order and One Government stuff. Last night I saw a well-crafted documentary about globalization, "The Economics of Happiness."

The film's web site has a long list of resource links where people can learn more about how to combat the ill effects of globalization and promote positive effects of localization.

I bet on all those web sites there is zero mention of a New World Order in the sense you speak of it, as a shadowy conspiracy. The filmmaker has devoted her life to this issue. She spoke to the audience at Salem's Progressive Film Series via Skype from Australia. I stayed to listen to most of her remarks, and hear her answer questions.

There was zero mention from her or anyone else about the shadowy conspiracy stuff you keep bringing up. The reason: there's no shadowy conspiracy. It's all out in the open. Multinational corporations don't have to work behind the scenes; they OWN the scenes through their control of governments by political and financial means.

Lobbyists and CEO's are the conspiracy, along with happily manipulated legislators and policy makers. They don't need a New World Order. They already are hugely benefitting from the globalization order that's been created.


The third place is correctly spelled, Rawrencar? We will need to work to the end of the den.

"There's no shadowy conspiracy.
Lobbyists and CEO's are the conspiracy, .. with manipulated legislators and policy makers."
quote Brian

So you don't think lobbyists (whom work via payoffs in back rooms) and MANIPULATED legislators and policy makers are a shadowy conspiracy ?????

I thought that was the prime definition
of shadowy conspiracy. Being paid off and

bribed and not informing the public of
secret deals for special interests.

Who has the money and power to do this ?

The New World Order. And, that they
do this is public knowledge, which I have been posting.

The New World Order is well known. They are
not a secret society. They have been out
in the open for over 2 decades.

Ron Paul is running against the New World Order and has ranted
against them for
3 decades and their central banks.

A person would have to live out in a remote
island with no communication to not
know about them.

The New World Order is in our face.

Millions of people are now marching against
them across the world.

Even major news networks openly discuss them on TV.

Almost every day the New World Order
is on the front pages of the major newspapers with their central bank problems.

Lehman Brothers almost brought the world banking system down.

Many major banks went broke and the taxpayers had to bail them out.

It was the greatest conspiracy of all time.
And, we now know they were acting illegally.
Shadowy conspiracy is the EXACT NAME for
what happenned. Corruption beyond anything
the world has ever experienced.

And, who took most the bailout money? The
central banks owned by the New World Order.
They transfered bank debts to the public
in the greatest deception in the history
of the world.

The New World Order owns all the central banks and have
publicly stated they want one world
government and one world currency.

You can listen to Clinton, both Bushes,
Tony Blair on and on and on give public
talks on their desires with the exact phrase
New World Order in them in support.

I had been posting them here as links, which
no one seems to have looked at.

The Rothschilds family owns half the net worth of the entire world,
see link in
my last post. They own the majority share
in the central banks of the world.

Conspiracy is the name for it.

Mike, "globalization" isn't the same as "New World Order." One is true, the other isn't. A Jewish family doesn't control the world economy, nor do they own half of the wealth in the world. Nowhere close.

In fact, so far as I could see, no Rothschild is on the list of the world's richest people. So they rank well over 1000, it seems. Have a look:

Urban legends live on even when they should die. Like religion.


You are away with the fairies mate, Brian is correct. You think there is any chance that any government or family, however wealthy, is that well organised to actually know what is going on?

You kidding yourself big fella, most of them don't have a clue. If there were these great powerful elites, you would not see the world tipping upside down. If they were in control, they doing an awful job because everything that is unfolding is exactly what they don't want to happen, they want stability and maintaining the status quo doing whatever it is you feel they are doing surrepticiously in the shadows, but instead what is happening is the opposite, chaos.

Pray tell what is the purpose of this conspiracy? Cos its anarchy as far as i can tell with banks, money lenders, and governments in total freefall. western corporations are also getting taken to the cleaners with globalization and our western economies are all going through a process of rebalancing having lived beyond our means and an unsustainable cost of living and luxury.

Could be anarchy in the streets and that is definitely not what any controlling elite want. That is how tyrants and governments are overthrown, as we've seen recently in the middle east falling like dominos all with cheap modern digital communication.

The world is going to change, it may not be a bad thing, but what is clear is how little in control anyone is, its a complete shambles. I find it quite exciting actually. We might even get to see a few bankers and fatcat CEO's hanging from the rafters yet...

Its has been estimated that the whole Rothschild family itself is worth somewhere in the range of $1.5 billion, according to Forbes top 100 richest people. But of course, that is only what the Rothschilds want the public to think.

Actually, this number (1.5 billion) is highly speculative since the Rothschild family is known to be rather secretive, and each generation waters down the traceable real worth of the Rothchilds.

This family has been in the banking business for hundreds of years. So to say that the entire family is worth a mere 1.5 billion, is questionable at best.

To put things in perspective, George Lucas has been making movies for thirty years and has only been able to amass an individual net worth of 3.5 billion dollars.

So in 261 years, all the wars, all the interest collected on these wars, they have only amassed a mere 1.5 billion dollars?

The real answer here, as to the net worth of the Rothchild family, is that we do not know. All we can do is guess. But in all probability, their total worth is likely well into the trillions.

go here for more info:

there;s no individual into trillions of dollars, gates is around 50 billion, and he dwarfs what the rothschilds have.

The documentary I just posted even mentioned
Rothchilds fortune at over 500 trillion
dollars. They own half the gold on the earth
and admit to it. That's why they are the majority share holders of the central banks on the earth.

Look at their shareholdings in the major media and Shell Oil and the newspapers,
central banks, on and on.

Anyone can verify their wealth, its no
secret. They manufacture the currencies
of much of the earth, because they own
most the wealth. Including the currency of
the USA, France and Germany, etc.

The Rothchilds are not Jewish. They are
Zionist and Masons

" no Rothschild is on the list of the world's richest people. "
quote Brian

There's not a financial person on the
earth that doesn't know the Rothschilds
are there wealthiest and dominate the central banks.

Again, I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Accounting and produced the consolidated financial statements for
two of the largest companies in the world at the time. Coca Cola and Union Oil Company at different times.

I sold my stocks and commodites trading
systems to the smartest financial people on the earth.

The things I am telling you are common knowledge. There is no debate over them.

The problem is the same people whom control the wealth, by coincidence are the greatest
occultists on the earth.

I have shown massive irrefutable evidence
of this in the past months here.

But, no one listens because you people already know it all.

But, you are just babes in the woods without a remote clue.

Completely naive and happy to remain so.

Problem is, when you people like Satan
worshippers, this is far worse than
Gurinder and equals Rajinder.

I am asking myself if I want to be a part
of this club.

These people worship Satan. If you want
to back Satan worshippers out of pure vanity
than this has become a dangerous club.

Another cult of naive origin.

When you ignore hard facts and turn your
head to this type of thing, it is far
worse then Radhasoami could have ever been.

That means you people are digressing, not
getting better.

Denying the worst occult group on the
earth because you don't have time to even look is really scarry.

To pretend you have any knowledge of
these things is quite scarry.

You must remember I make no money and
present no religion.

What do you think I am getting from this ?

But, when honest people are marching up the streets taking abuse and you people are too
lazy to make even a rudimentary look....

The question is, why do I want to hang around people whom ignore a cult of Satan
by sheer vanity ?

If you people are that far gone no one can help you.

You shoot yourself in the foot and proclaim
you know something and bluff knowledge of the subject.

So, now you have succeeded in fooling

Who gets hurt, me or you ?

I am a very much different person from yourselves. I listen to everybody when they
try to help me.

Most of the time they tell me things I don't want to know. I have to change

I don't try to buff them out of petty vanity as you people are doing. I don't try
to pretend to know something I don't.

Mike, I would very much like to share a few relevant and interesting things with you, via private email.

I don't know if you still have my email address, and I am also not sure if I still have yours.

So please send me a brief email message asap. However, send it to Brian's email address (you can find it up in the side menu of this blog), as I am sure Brian won't mind forwarding your email on to me. Just ask Brian to forward your message on to me.

As soon as I get your email message (along with your address), I will then contact you directly, and we can go from there. Tnx and I look forward to contacting you.


Do everyone a favour and keep your 'knowledge' to yourself, or share it, whatever u prefer but for goodness sake please don't con yourself that this 'knowledge' makes any difference to anything at all or anyone else.

If ppl honestly want to spend time delving into the crap you mention, then they already got far too much time on their hands and aren't operating with a full set of marbles.

As for satanic worshippers - get serious for goodness sake u sound absolutely barking mad.

Campaign cash ... how the republic was lost.

The link below contains a great overview of the current financial and political crisis.

How the banks leveraged up to create 600 trillion dollars of Credit Default Swaps on the housing bubble, used the profits to buy politicians [campaign contributions].

The campaign contributors are "bailed out" with taxpayer money on losing bets and keep the profits on winning bets. [The most insane form of socialism ever devised].

Unfortunately if one chain in the link defaults the entire house of cards starts to fall. That is why everyone is so worried about Greece and Italy. If they default... all the dominoes fall ... which for taxpayers may be the best thing that could happen.


"full set of marbles"

--What exactly constitutes a 'full' set of marbles. I'm concerned that my 'mind' set may not be full. So, would someone please give me the absolute correct answer. Thanks for bringing some help my way, Roger.

Rothschilds 500 Trillion Dollars Documentary


Meet your masters. The Masonic Zionists
and the greatest occult organization
on earth.

The problem is they worship Satan
and want a one world government
with one world currency. They literally
call Satan into their bodies and
take his power.

The bankers would literally run the world.

The experts seem to agree the Rothschilds
have won the battle for planet earth.

But, recently, a grave riff has occured
in the New World Order.

They are fighting amoungst themselves.

It seems our only hope is they break
up from within like the Soviet Union did.

So, there is a very thin ray of hope even though
Obama has admitted he is a member
of the New World Order, as did Clinton, and both Bushes.

You Tube of course has the videos of them
saying it in public and of course Ron Paul
is trying to stop them.

The major banks of the world are insolvent
when marked to market and only accounting
tricks keep them afloat.

I think the downfall of Bank of America would be a real wake up call.

Our fiat currencies have been worthless since 2008.

But, too many people are finding this out
and Pandora is out of her box.

The millions of marching people have
got the elite in a tizzy.

Isreal is pressing to bomb Iran, but
lacks some votes.

Mike, this is crazy stuff. Religions spout dogma with no demonstrable evidence. So do conspiracy theorists.

I've been fairly flexible in letting off-topic comments appear on this blog, but I don't want this blog to spread ridiculous conspiracy theory stuff that doesn't relate to what the Church of the Churchless is all about.

There's plenty of other places to fantasize about the One World Order and the Rothschilds having 500 trillion dollars. So I'm requesting that further comments relate -- at least minimally -- to the subject matter of a post. That's been the comment policy of this blog, but I've strayed from it, and want to return to it.

So if an off-topic comment isn't published, that's the reason. I might put up another Open Thread post for "whatever" sorts of stuff. That way people who want to read "whatever" can do so, while keeping comments on other posts on topic.

You can read my last post on
Radhasoami Studies.

Goodby Everyone

Mike, you're free to do what you want, but here's a suggestion:

I think it's healthy to engage in debate and have our views challenged. This is what science/rationality does, and religion/irrationality doesn't.

Your views on some controversial "conspiracy theory" topics have been challenged recently -- with good reason, in my opinion. You, and me, and others here enjoy challenging religious beliefs that aren't backed up with demonstrable evidence.

There's no reason why non-religious beliefs shouldn't be subject to the same standard: show us the evidence.

Anyway, I enjoy your comments on other subjects, where often you have a wealth of knowledge on some topic. But all of us have beliefs that aren't supported with reasonable evidence. There's nothing wrong with this; it's a big part of being human.

We just should realize when we're in the realm of belief and admit, "Hey, this is just my belief." Conspiracy theories are such. If there was solid evidence for them, they'd be accepted fact.


not sure there is an absolute technical description, but basically it means your noodle is a bit fried.

I'm wondering if all of us on this site, dont have a tendency for this hidden boogyman nonsense and that perhaps is the careful line one treads between being open=minded and letting the mind drop out.


Come on Mike how many things i heard when i said here (as my introduction) i was initiated by Gurinder let me clear all up to ya all by the criticism of this blog and its posters. So i must be an initiate of phony fraudulent cult brain washing guru and i have a schizophrenia and that i do not do shabd yoga i do kundalini shmundalini stuff which does not exist but still, and i must be sexualy suppressed and i went for love to Al Capone aka Gurinder and stuff like that. And i say to myself so what if i am all that but i know about the thing in me, i am always trying to listen to other person to get him a chance to teach me and everyday i am trying to understand other peoples oppinion and life. So Mike i hope you are reading this i never took any offense from anyone here on the blog and i hope you will find that spot in your precious heart that can tell you that going off from us so quckly is not the way. Mike i don't want to miss you i want to have you. Do you know how many times i remeber you when i pick up Jiddus book or how many times i think of dear tAo when i read Huang Po by his suggestion do you know guys and girls here how many times i think of you beffore in between and affter my meditation so you must be important to me cause i cannot lie to myself.To all you poster so called critics, yogis Jnanis, dogmatics, fundamentalists, shabdists, satsangis,Dzogchenists,taosts,tai chiists,to all of you my friends, at the end only body is left here with its equipment and we all try to live better to improve and maybe love or being loved or at least try to touch it by somehow or somewhat and if this is my love i am honnoring it to you all through my respect of learning from all of you. Respect

lol....thanks George,

one's noodle, being fried doesn't sound too good.

There could be some boogyman nonsense around here, I just like to throw in some comic relief, to slow down the dropping out. Keep up the good messages.

"...everyone sat with baited breath."

Any bites?

Come on Mike my friend! Come! Moongoes

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