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November 07, 2011


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Hmmmmmmm Thing is that science itself--via Galileo--could be seen as androcentric rebellion against the Great Cosmic Mother, but in order to dig this they need to apply 'science' to look at other fields than macro and submicroscopic physics.
To me the image of coloured 'points' of guantum particles which are also waves screams MAGIC at me--but thats me. I mean you have all seen the fairy tales with the fairy duse right? that! it just needs imagination. So that becomes the next query-----where has imagination gone? The kind that allows for magical thinking and feeling. THAt has become a diry word now EVEn believe it or not at online pfrums supposedly dedicated to psychedelic issues. Sinisterly backed by the moderators there, who have to power to ban you, I cannot count the number of times I have been threatened not to think magically but to resent facts facts facts and EVIDENCE for my assertions.
I am a great lover of Permaculture, and its founder Bill Mollison said he was amazed just how little the physicists he knew knew about sustainable living sondeing how supposedly knowedgeable about energy they supposedly were. BIG hint there. I dont mean all..... ;)

ooops very sorry about the typos --hope you can work out what I meant?

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