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November 09, 2011


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To help yourself and others reading about your conspiracy crap made up ... maybe you should be more skeptic about the world you are living in then being skeptic about theories with proven facts like 911 or illumaniti ... you need to do more research . these theories as you put them came all came from books written by proven living famous authors in the 20's .. try reading and finding out about Mr. david icke. maybe that will open your mind. and then come her start a uneducated guess of a blog.

"But when someone claims that a shadowy group of Jewish financiers (or whoever) are out to control the world economy and create a New World Order"

Actually this is not a theory. The Rothschids,
originally Talmudic Jews; and for hundreds of years now Freemasons, have
completely dominated world central banks.

They own the Bank of International
Settlements and the major shares of almost
all the central banks in the world,
or the corporations that own them.

They have controlled the gold market since
Napoleon and used to set the daily prices
in London.

They freely and openly call for a New World
Order and one world currency.

These are simple facts. Anyone in the financial industry knows this.

The entire battle in Europe is over the
loss of their soverignity to central
bankers. Ron Paul wants to abolish the Fed Reserve,
which was a Rothschilds backed
venture in 1913.

Using the word conspiracy theory for the Rothschilds and central bankers is comical.

"Einstein backed up his theories
with solid evidence that could be confirmed by other experts. "

Einstein saved his life by listening to
the ultimate conspiracy theory of all time
when he got out of Germany.

The conspiracy theory at the time was Hitler
was out to kill all the Jews.

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