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November 27, 2011


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I just came across some passages in a TIME magazine article about people in vegetative states which confirm the thrust of this blog post.
"Francis Crick took a reductionist view of things in the 1970s, coining the term 'the astonishing hypothesis': the idea that all feelings, thoughts, and actions are just the products of a mass of brain tissue and that we all exist only one well-placed head trauma away from the irrevocable erasure of the self.

...Cricks's mechanistic view has prevailed, with scientists treating the brain as merely another organ, albeit a highly complex one. Nowhere is that complexity more evident than in our understanding of how consciousness works -- and fails to work. Minor accidents like Filipov's can lay waste to cognitive processes. Major traumas like the shooting wounds of Gabrielle Giffords can leave remarkable room for recovery.

...For years, doctors assumed that consciousness was a diffuse and global brain process. But studies of sleeping, anesthetized and vegetative brains have shown that it is instead localized in a network consisting of three discrete parts.

...Should connections among the three sections be severed -- or should one be destroyed -- consciousness ceases. "You don't need a lot of gray matter to be conscious. You only need the right parts of the brain to function together. That was a huge surprise," Laureys says.

“You rely too much on brain. The brain is the most overrated organ.”

Woody Allen

What is it, that would be an example of being spiritually significant? What exactly does spiritual mean? Don't worry, i'm not going to make a research project out of this. That said, the hot babes at the lake of fire was rather interesting.

Roger, if science showed that it was possible for people to be conscious without a brain, that would be big news for religion and spirituality, since the soul and God are believed to be conscious immaterial entities.

I'm still waiting for a true believer to volunteer to have his/her brain opened up and all of the contents removed. If they still were able to function normally, that'd be damn good evidence that the brain isn't necessary to exist. So far, I gather, volunteers are lacking.

Yes, but within religion and spirituality, what would be an exact example of something that is spiritually significant? Find this example, then have it confimed through science. But, but where is such an example?

If not, then there is really nothing that is spiritually significant. Am I being clear, or should I focus more on the hot babes in doom land.

OK, I see what you mean, Roger. I think you're right: scientifically, nothing is spiritually significant. For a REALLY strong example of this, check out "The Atheist's Guide to Reality." This guy is uncompromising on why science (mainly physics) has it right and religion has it wrong.

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