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November 25, 2011


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Don't kid yourself-you can get the same health benefits from drinking grape juice without irritating your stomach lining and stressing your liver with alcohol.

DJ, recently I asked my family physician about whether drinking red wine was any better than drinking beer. She said that alcohol is what seems to be heart-healthy, so it doesn't matter much what form of alcohol is consumed (in moderation, of course).

That's pretty much what this Mayo Clinic advice says.
"Red wine seems to have even more heart-healthy benefits than other types of alcohol, but it's possible that red wine isn't any better than beer, white wine or liquor for heart health. There's still no clear evidence that red wine is better than other forms of alcohol when it comes to possible heart-healthy benefits."

Reminds me of Pema Chodron's book, "The Places That Scare You".

Mike, thanks for mentioning Chodron's book. I've considered getting one of her books. I'm going to order this one. Getting free of fear... great notion.

Red wine has polyphenols including flavonols, procyanidins and reservatrol, which are each believed to offer health benefits including reducing risk of heart disease and cancer. Beer has only some phenolics of wine, but has more vitamins and minerals. Beer has melanoidins, which appear to have anti-oxidatiting properties.

Moderate conscumption of both have been linked with health benefits, the most well-known being the so-called french paradox. So drink and be merry.

"I just should feel happy that I'm growing, changing, maturing."

Why feel happy...or sad or ambivalent or anything about it? It's happening, whatever "it" is, and deciding it's good or bad, this or that, is duality - the division between what's happening and the supposed somebody it's happening to.

I, the somebody, am a set of assumptions, values, and expectations taking the measure of experience and pronouncing it good or bad, better or worse, growth or recession, etc., but is that what what makes me an individual? Is it the peculiarity of my assumptions, values, and expectations? The ferocity with which I hold them? Or is an individual someone who, not knowing what to think, thinks nothing until something new arises?

I'm sorry to say that your idea of changing and becoming what we dreamed of is very very simple if the change you made consisted of drinking wine and similar feats.
These are more of simple decisions, yesbased on beleifs, easily changed and controlled.
But what about real change?
What about controlling anger? Overcoming social phobia? Becoming more freindly? Accepting criticism more openly? What about loving your enemy?

Well, these are the real changes and a lot, nomost of the secular minded, will tell you they cant be changed as they are physilogically wired. While reiligious minded will tell youmthey can be changed.
I guess religious or not, there is no denying we are more optimists.

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