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October 26, 2011


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I have a number of physicist friends. All of them (and I) hope that the LHC does NOT discover the Higgs-Boson which would require physicists to re-invent Quantum Mechanics. And they're all ecstatic over the idea that neutrinos have been caught speeding in a 300,000,000 mps zone, which would violate Einstein's primary premise.

I don't know one Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Christian or Jew who is excited about the possibility that their fundamental beliefs are shown to be false. I have, on the other hand, watched quite a few Buddhists get squirmy when I suggest even the possibility that a permanent and instantaneous shift in awareness to one where there is no longer any experience of suffering is (usually called "enlightenment"), most likely, a myth... or a sign of a particular type of stroke.

We could define "suffering" as having nothing but theories upon which to act, and not suffering as relying as much on sensitivity and intuition as rational thought. Jus' sayin'.

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