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October 08, 2011


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Despite the fact that today is the first day of the rest of a life that could end tomorrow, we're more inclined to bet on tomorrow than on ending.

So if you can talk others into betting on death, you can sell anything to anyone.

Let's say today is the last day of a person's life. OK, let's just say that. Death to that person actually comes tonight at midnight. So, should that person spend their remaining hours being...Hungry and Foolish? I'm not finding fault with: Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish. That sounds pretty good. I'm just curious what any of us would really do in those remaining known hours.

A friend of mine who lived Saudi Arabia told me about a man who was about to be beheaded when his accuser pled for his life and stayed the executioner's hand. He died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital from the distress of being on the chopping block.

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