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October 24, 2011


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Their spiritual beliefs to matter to me and I'd be more prone to vote for an agnostic than a fundamentalist in any religion. And if they believe something like a 6000 year old earth or that their god will fix anything that goes wrong, it is very significant for how they'd govern. I think the Mormons running today should be asked if they buy into all their church teaches which goes against science. It will also govern how they decide moral issues if they are fundamentalists. Give me a good agnostic anytime or someone who goes to church as a nice social habit.

To me...It matters, but it is a pretty small issue. There are far more pressing matters at hand. However, a candidate's faith/spirituality, or lack thereof, can give a voter an insight into the candidate's personality and "inner workings". This is important because while debates can focus on policy etc...we often times need to know how a candidate would react to an unforeseen situation ( such as 9/11 ) which of course, being unforeseen, cannot come up in debates.


Jobs didn't want the job of POTUS, but his work was influenced by his belief.

That is a difficult position to put any politician in ( mormon or otherwise). They will be "damned if they do, and damned if they don't" so to speak ! If they say they go to church as a social habit, they will be roasted for not being true to their religeon , if they say they believe wholly, they will be roasted for believing some pretty odd stuff ! Thats like asking if you have stopped beating your wife yet.

Huntsman seems to be managing the trick and likely would get the vote of many Democrats if he'd been able to win the nomination which he won't as someone outside any religious fundamentalism

Incidentally I know quite a few nice agnostics who do go to church for the social aspect. Nothing wrong with that. They want the community. Or they can be interested in many religions as Huntsman seems to be. Right now, I don't have a choice, as an agnostic myself, to vote for one as both parties want those who claim to believe in a religion

I don't feel there is anything wrong with it at all....However, the high percentage of voters,especially in farl left and far right, that feel religous beliefs are a significant factor, will have a hard time with it.

Today be it a Democrat or a Republican for higher office, they have to claim belief in the Christian religion which is what has led to so much hypocrisy.

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