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October 28, 2011


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The reason our libraries have so many books in common is I tend to purchase most of the books you recommend and I'm rarely disappointed. Thanks, again.

" Heaven, satori, paradise, enlightenment, self- or
God-realization -- these aren't experiences but anticipations."
quote poster

None of these things exist. Unless one believes such
things exist. They all exist as a belief. Zen analysis
never occurs to the selfless.

One never wonders WHOM the experience occurs too.

Trying to remain in the present moment and
experience events as pure experience, never crosses
the mind of the selfless.

Trying to stay in the present moment is a trick of
the self. You are always in the present moment, even
when having a past memory. A past memory is always
a present moment experience.

There is no way to ever get out of the present moment.

So, WHO is trying to stay in the present ? WHO believes
past memories are past recollections ?

Memory is always now. Everything is always now.

The worst sinner and the best saint, are always
in the now moment.

Trying to detach memory as something evil is a
funny idea.

The selfless see the delusions of attachment to a
self, which continually arise. Even the selfless
have selfish ideas.

But, the selfless instantaneously laugh off the

A selfish idea cannot produce an action in the selfless.

Only needs create action. And, the selfless take
care of themselves no less and no more,
than anyone else.

The greater need itself creates action in the

But, the selfless see those whom follow survival of
the fittest, and or the greedy.

So, they adjust in measure. They live in reality
and follow no saintly dictates.


Can you remember a vacation where, upon returning home, you thought "Wow, I could really use a vacation now?"

Of course you can.

The problem with Daniel's thought experiment is that we will selectively remember GOOD vacations and use those as our basis for judgment.

Instead, imagine one of the exhausting ones -- that still left you with great memories.

Taking a pill that would eliminate all memories of the vacation would be like going to bed... and then waking up tired and possibly tense.

Who would choose that?

Heaven, satori, paradise, enlightenment, self- or God-realization -- these aren't experiences but anticipations.

What word would you use for the end of the domination of the remembering self? While that self rules the roost, pursuing its contrived conceptual 'life', it radically undermines not only its own experiential happiness and physical security but that of others too - perhaps even humanity in general. What would you call life without that problem?

We may have some choice as to what we focus on, but where the balance falls between our experiencing and remembering selves likely is determined by forces beyond our control.

Brian, do you or have you ever put much emphasis on genuine spiritual transformation? I believe you're ok with mindfulness practice, for example. But otherwise, for a 'spiritual' blogger, you don't seem to talk much about it!

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