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September 06, 2011


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Or, it could be that you made Shams of Tabriz very proud, since he was the madman, as legends sometimes tell us, that threw Rumi's books into a pond or well or lake (variations exist).

brian if you have any spiritual books related to santmat you want to dispose of even of RUMI collection please give it to me .
I would buy them all.

As one ages, one can only hope that insight is liberating one from knowledge, and not the other way around.

The same thing has happend to me Brian! Rumi has gone from a favourite to .. well nothing! And I don't know why either!

Once he was your roomie. Now he's just rheumy.

cc, I am honoring you with the Church of the Churchless Best Play on Words Award. Excellent job. You have a long and mildly rewarding career ahead of you as a writer for a greeting card company.

Just out of interest Brian, have you boxed up any of the 3 books you have written or do they have a place special place on your bookself?

And do you look back at the books you have written as little gems or have you moved on/changed your mind from what you have written in any of these books?

Any more books in you?


Marina, the books I've written still occupy a special place in my heart, and on a living room bookshelf.

Because I am an enlightened Buddha-being who has no trace of ego -- no matter what my wife says to the contrary -- my books are modestly placed on the far right side of a top shelf, one of them even being partially hidden behind a bookcase trim piece.

Yes, they are "little gems" which undoubtedly will have a special place in history, as well as in my heart and my bookshelf. (This is how egoless Buddha-beings speak, no matter how my words may appear to the unenlightened.)

My first next-book goal is to get a rewrite of "God's Whisper, Creation's Thunder" published. The rewrite has been virtually completely finished for several years. It's just my laziness and marvelous ability to procrastinate that has stopped me from moving ahead.

I'd also like to write a book based on writings I've done on this blog. That would be pretty easy to do also. I'd just have to produce some coherence, topic and chapter-wise, out of a bunch of my favorite blog posts.

And some day, preferably before I die, I'd like to write a book about dealing with death. Tentative title: Dying Doesn't Have to Scare You to Death. Of course, now that I've shared my idea, somebody else probably will steal my title, write the book, and make millions of dollars while I procrastinate.

Ah, I guessed you wouldn’t box them! And I wouldn’t blame you.
Fair play to anyone who can write a book, no matter how good or crappy it is; I wouldn’t know where to start or better still when to stop.

I have read two out of three of your books –I haven’t read ‘Return to the One’, no particular reason apart from the fact, I never heard of it until I came on to the blog.

I do so understand when you say ‘....this is how egoless Buddha – beings speak, no matter how my words may appear to the unenlightened.’
I find the same thing - especially here on this blog. My words most of the time are misunderstood when it comes to the unenlightened.

I wouldn’t think you could make your millions out of a book on death. I think most people would be too scared to read it in the first place. Maybe you could call it "Life Doesn't have to Scare you to Death" and stick in a sneaky long, long, long chapter on the death part.


"cc, you have a long and mildly rewarding career ahead of you as a writer for a greeting card company."

I'll accept your mildly punishing comment as my reward.

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