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September 12, 2011


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"utter certainty of the encounter"

--What standard does one use to validate an 'utter' certainty?

utter: carried to the utmost point or highest degree: absolute

--What 'exactly' is an encounter?

encounter: A meeting, especially one that is unplanned, unexpected, or brief.

--I think, I need some rigorous training to get through this dillema, I find myself.

If the problem is that we're conditioned to be compulsively (rather than selectively) dualistic, and that we need to awaken to this condition, of what relevance is mysticism? Is there something mystical about realizing that separateness is a self-induced illusion?

brother, please continue search for the lord and hope you find him and remember that we should not insult anyone or hurt any one's feelings. may the lord have grace on you and show you the inner path.

Love and light.

"separateness is a self-induced illusion"
quote cc

It is not seperateness that is the illusion.
It is the BELIEF we have a self.

Even the enlightened see seperateness
and deal with a dualistic world.

But, they do not treat anyone any better,
or worse than they treat themselves.

The saints talk of Oneness. Yet, their yoga
is to save ones soul (self).

The saints enhance the BELIEF a seperate
self (soul) exists with experiential yoga.

Getting the E ticket a Disneyland does not
make one enlightened. Nor, does a
phantasmagorical ride through the
non existant inner planes of ones delusions.

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