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September 14, 2011


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Here's one where our opinions overlap (somewhat), Churchless. Another fine book on the subject is "Among the Truthers: A Journey Through America's Growing Conspiracist Underground". The Amazon rating is dinged fairly well by True Believers, some of whom have also posted overly longish book review-rebuttal polemics (rather entertaining in and of itself). However, only the publishers might explain why they chose to diminish what is otherwise a fairly serious critique with such a childish cartoon book cover.

Regardless, a clear connection is drawn therein between conspiratorial systems and traditional religious belief - often framed in the very words of the believers themselves!

I must say though, it's interesting that you'd be willing to acknowledge the secular-religious parallels in this realm, but be reluctant to concede the same with respect to other ideological domains to which so many cling with equally fervent devotion.

Well, I am an atheist and very much believe
many of the PROVEN conspiracies. In fact I have spent years studying them. Anyone whom has spent even a few hours of study would be overwhelmed with proof.

The nefarious goings-on of the Federal Reserve, the New World Order, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, Skull and Bones, the Freemasons, the Bilderberg Group, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, Masonic satanists and the like. Also, the Bohemian Grove.

All this is TRUE. There are tons of hard documented facts for anyone whom
wishes to spend the time. Hard undisputed evidence.

Absolutely massive.

Even Ron Paul is shouting bloody murder,
presidential candididate.

I would classify Shermer as a lunatic.

In fact, I would call him an idiot.

He needs to get off his butt and do the research.

People want hard facts. Not opinions.

Oh, by the way, presidential candidate
Rick Perry attended a Bilderberg meeting.

So did Hillary and Obama attend Bilderberg
meeting on the same day while running for president against each other.

"No matter whom you vote for, you vote for one of us."
Joseph Stalin

The largest campaign contributor to Obama
was Goldman Sachs followed by J. P. Morgan Bank. Owners of the USA Federal Reserve Bank.

The Bilderbergs members own every major
TV station and newspaper in the USA.

Ron Paul subpoenaed the Federal Reserve Bank
and found out they sent 17 trillion dollars
to foreign and USA banks without knowledge of American citizens. An amount larger than the entire disclosed national debt of the USA.

Awesome, Mike!

Good parody of a nutjob, Mike.

The trouble with conspiracy theories, in general, is that they are all concerned with either 1) events which have already happened, or 2) realities about which we can do nothing.
Finally, it does not matter what a person believes about any particular subject, because nothing will change on the basis of that belief.

Now CC, name-calling is not very productive. I admit, I remain a bit unsure whether Mike is deadly serious or just a brilliant satirist intent on reinforcing the message of this blog post. I suspect the former, but one can't always be certain about these things on the internet. As it is, I'm pretty sure CC's actually some kind of intelligent canine with a keyboard adapter - possibly a malamut, but who can say for sure?

Although I personally find Mike's opinions unnecessarily elaborated, I can actually agree with some things. As far as I can tell, Goldman Sachs really is one of the closest things to a diabolical cabal we're likely to find on this planet. It's just that there's no need to invoke a shadowy global star chamber organization to account for them or all the other pillage, corruption and nasty events of human affairs. But I personally find it more parsimonious to believe that they've simply evolved over time into a ruthless and highly effective institution that knows how to get and hold on to vast amounts of wealth an power. The nature of things is that this kind of system tends to naturally filter for, and select, the kind of remorseless sociopaths that are good at these kinds of deeds, just as our decaying political system naturally selects for classic narcissistic personality disorder types such as our current president. And the former are wickedly brilliant enough to know how to manipulate the latter to the proverbial "T".

Anyway, to varying degrees, I think we all have a deep desire to see the world ordered in a manner that suits our personal predilections; and by way of consolation, we tend to comfort ourselves by developing extended explanatory systems to account for the way things are, so we can then exhort others to see the light as a first step in redressing those wrongs.

BTW, Willie R - not sure whether your position reflect serene equanimity or despairing passivity. There's a difference, I think.

Finally, my apologies, CC, if you took offense to my calling you a malamut. After all, you could be a golden lab.

Dang, screwed up the italics tag!


The entire fiat currency system of the world may crash in the next few years.

In fact, they are not able to stop it.

Only our Federal reserve can print money out
of thin air to save Europe.

The whole thing is so far out of control now
only God knows what will happen.

The USA now owes 100 trillion dollars when
social security and Medicare are added.

There are at least 700 trillion dollars of

The smartest people in the world are warning
us the end game is near.

I am an accountant whom has worked at the
highest levels. I used to do the financial statements for Union Oil and Coca Cola.

I used to sell my stock and commodity trading systems in full page adds in Futures Magaine and Stocks and Commodites

My degree is Bachelor Science in Accounting.


The former Controller General of the United States, David Walker has
warned what will happen is worse than atomic bombs going off.

My first conspiracy theory was


Now even Gurinder admits the facts are correct. I am used to dealing with
people in denial. Even so called experts.

If anyone wants to debate the conspiracy theories I elaborated on in
my last post above, be my guest.

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