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September 16, 2011


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Why would a belief that there's nothing to else to believe in but a set of mechanical physical rules be an absence of belief?

Accepting the truth of what humans know about the cosmos through demonstrable evidence isn't a belief. It's called "Reality."

I accept what humans know through demonstrable evidence as well, my friend.

But insisting that there's absolutely nothing more than that would seem to qualify as a non-falsifiable assertion. You would say not, I know, but what it boils down to is that you prefer to limit what kind of ideas and perceptions qualify for consideration as "truth" and "reality" relative to what others might wish to admit for consideration.

This might might lead one to speculate as to whether some tenuous link could be construed between that position and the kind of attitudes that eventually led to the prohibition of psychogenic drugs.

I'm teasing now - although maybe not quite entirely....

Brian from Colorado, here's the thing: either we accept that truth/reality is known through good explanations, or we don't.

Absent good explanations, which is the goal of both science and personal human understanding, what are we left with? Myths. Dogmas. Blind faith. Superstition.

You seem to be suggesting that something can be real, yet totally inexplicable. Somebody -- a religious figure or mystic, perhaps -- can discover a deeper truth about the cosmos that is unknown to other people, yet this sage will be unable to provide any demonstrable evidence or persuasive explanation of it.

Again, how is this different from myth or superstition? How are we to distinguish between made-up bullshit, and ineffable realization? If there is no way to tell the difference, why should anyone believe what the sage is saying?

In no way am I asserting that human knowledge has reached the limits of what can be understood and explained. We're nowhere close to that boundary, which likely doesn't exist. I'm just saying that in order for a bit of knowledge to be added to humankind's understanding of reality, there has to be a good reason to do so.

"Simply believe" isn't a good enough reason.

"why should anyone believe what the sage is saying"
quote blogger Brian

Here's a good example of Brian's point.

The astral plane is first to be transversed.

Can anyone tell me what Jot Narinjan, first
god on way up, looks like ?

If not, no one has made it there.

Not even to the first plane.


Ask the next one up, OnCar(sp?). He is a lot smarter.

"How are we to distinguish between made-up bullshit, and ineffable realization?"

The former is all effing and the latter is none.

quote poster :
" What the fuck?! I put in years or decades of devoted spiritual practice under the guidance of the guru, and now I'm being told that the teachings aren't true."

When I come to this club, my link here always shows this quote in front of me.

Ever wonder where exsatsangis wander off
to after sant mat ?

Exsatsangis never die, they 'just fade away'?

They walk alone into the fog of unknowingness.

Never to be seen again.

It seems like such a distant memory.

Searching for Jot Narijan

What... no one here can tell me what
Jot Narinjan looks like ?

Ok, I will ask an easier question.

What does your body look like in
the astral plane ?


I exactly know...

Your body has a brillant golden radiant form.
Sparkling with intense diamonds.

Now, I know even more. Much more.
If you desire to learn more, from what I exactly know, you will need to sign up.

This simple 'sign-up' program is truely glorious. For a small fee: $249.99.
You get it all.

Please, cash only, no personal checks or credit cards. As an added bonus, I can throw in 5 holy names, absolutely free.
This is a one time offer. Please rush!!!

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