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September 20, 2011


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yip, its another very interesting question. Tho science often takes very large, or small, numbers to be approximately equal to infinity, conceptually there's a gulf of difference.

If the big bang theory is correct, then the universe is limited and has an edge, albeit massive and continually expanding, and time also has its limit.

From a scientific emperical viewpoint, we are also limited not only by our measurement technology but more fundamentally by the laws of the universe. If the speed of light is a cap, then it would seem impossible to know about anything beyond the observable universe, which might in itself be a small part of the overall universe. If there are other universes or membranes, we also cannot know anything of these. At the quantum scale, again there appear to be discrete quantum energy levels and scales, which also indicate a discrete reality with finite possibilities, rather than a continuous reality with infinite possibilities.

It is possible that the universe is eternal and infinite, but then one would have to ask why is the universe apparently constrained by a specific set of natural laws at all, rather than being completely random with infinite possibilies and events taking place at every instant?

"...why is the universe apparently constrained by a specific set of natural laws at all, rather than being completely random with infinite possibilies and events taking place at every instant?"

The apparent constraint is supposed by the finite mind. It could be there is no constraint at all, but that in order to explain eternity and infinitude, conceptuality imposes constraints.

Darshan Singh, when asked about a certain
number of souls being marked to be saved,
said that couldn't be, because a percentage
of infinity, is still infinity.

What he didn't realize is, he had debunked
Kirpal's statement of a percentage being

The Guru always ends up with his foot
in his mouth, every time he uses logic.

Logic is the great taskmaster of the Guru.

Logic thrashes the Guru for life.

Which is why the Guru is an infinite
fountain of inuendo.


agree, that's what i was getting at, but even if our mind's are finite, which they almost certainly are - the fact that natural laws exist at all, as opposed to a completely chaotic universe with infinite possibilities, would seem to suggest against the infinite?

What we call "laws" are persistent conditions that create a context for less persistent conditions to operate in.

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