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August 27, 2011


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Funny! I can just imagine the shock as people heard the crunch of the 'cracker'!

I don't think the catholic church was ever that bad. Granted, you were not allowed touch the 'wafer' which the priest had to put in your mouth though that rule changed eventually.
Also you use to have to fast an hour before receiving the 'holy' communion. Not sure if this rule has been changed too! I was very naughty. I ate before getting communion and felt the higher powers where on to me and could see me :)

The confession thing, again, not sure if you could receive communion if you hadn't been to confession. Although I went as I felt I had to, I don't think I made a true confession in my life. I made up my own 'acceptable' wrong doings like:
I told lies, I said bad language and I stole money from my mother's purse.

Oops, thinking about it, I actually did do those things at one time or another some more often than others but these where my usual confession and I only got one Our Father and Two Hail Marys to say!


Woahhh !!! Any chance these folks are gonna check out RSSB...maybe even get GSD Darshan ?Then they'll at least be a ssured a human birth next go around...Seriously Brian hook them up !

Hey there - Aw shucks, Thanks so much for the very cool writeup. Loving your blog as well, and now have it bookmarked! ;)

What's RSSB and GSD Darshan? Can you hook us up?



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