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August 19, 2011


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This is an interesting topic and one that certainly has merit. I find that both sides of this argument have a truth within them and yet both seem to miss the boat in some way. On the one hand, I am a very big proponent of logic, I think that given the proper inputs and perspectives, everything can be rationally conceived, yet I also see that being human isinherently limiting to our knowledge base amd ability to understand. We can't understand tje experience od an alien who has 12 senses for example.

Now if we could discover what those twelve senses were, we could build models of how they worked and technology to replicate them to some degree , from there giving a rational explqnation as to why they can "see" temperature or whatever.

But as long as we dont know about said alien and the way it sees the world, we cannot claim to have an understanding of the universe amd existence that is anything other than human.

If the ego truly is an illusion (or reality itself for that matter) then those who cry about feelings and suffering really are making something oit of nothing to some degree because its a value jidgment on what is, which is pirely subjective,meeaning we cam change it, and yet in contrast, its all that we have or can have.

Very good post!
And important..

Wow, I read this thread, liked what I read and resonated with it (lol) and was just about to download it on my kindle and just happened to mention it to my hubby who informed me that it was already on my kindle. And I was just having a moan of having no more good books to read.

I can't believe I haven't read it!
We have a $100 bet - me saying I have not read it and hubby saying I have. (Ha, how can he win that one)
Ah no, I'll be honest with him if I have read it, seeing that I mostly always win these bets, which I never see the $100 dollars but it sure does make me feel good being right!!! But I am 99% sure I haven't.

I see myself having done the spiritual bypassing thing big time. Oh boy did I try and try hard. Even drove myself mental and over the brink with it - no kidding.
All in the service of not feeling 'nasty' olde feelings which I thought I could run around or run away from. Ha!

I'm sure I still do it to some extent, old habits die hard but I shall now sit down and see what I cannot see (or don't want to see).

Again, nice post.


"It bothers me that Hitler killed millions of Jews"

It bothers me that of all the people Hitler killed, only the Jews are remembered because Jehovah's Witnesses, gypsies, and homosexuals don't go on and on about what a monster Hitler was.

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