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August 18, 2011


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At this point in evolution, human existence is pointless if dualistic consciousness doesn't change from compulsory to voluntary.

Life has a point,but our understandings are LESS

To understand it.

The interpretation given in WHAT IT TOOK,
is a fine expression came from one's brain of today's time.
What he all showed was an idea an imagination of his thought,
but who know's whats the reality,its just an assumptions.

Knowing the exact reason behind the existence is actual not very possible,

But brian you been into a path for 30 years,
you haven't gain a even 10% or so of it.
That you are still scratching your brian,and trying to find answers outside.
Onething i can be assure from you,that no matter you have now rejected the path,
one this is true in the path of spirituality,
Nothing would be found outside,
everything would be found inside,
All the mysteries of mankind and its existence is hidden inside.

What ever we do,in this existence from thoughts to expressions to actions to reactions to projection all comes through the mind which is with in..

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