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August 15, 2011


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The brain that hasn't had the AUB experience can only talk about what it might be, whereas the brain for which the experience is as real as chocolate might have nothing to say. I wouldn't know. It would be nice, though, if the "experienced" brain that must talk about it would not bore or disappoint the listener. You'd think they'd be enlightened enough not to.

As David Chapman notes in the essay that Blogger Brian calls attention to: all experience is ineffable. AUB is Reality, no matter how you attempt to describe it. As long as attempts at description persist, there will be both boredom and disappointment in some brains. So far as anyone can tell, all states are transitory.

The realization of no self (enlightenment)
is no different from finding out
Santa Claus does not exist.

We no longer wait for Santa to come down
the chimney.

The self can no longer produce action
off the false belief that it exists.

The self is neutralized. The memory of
ones old self is there, but it can no
longer act.

"The memory of ones old self is there, but it can no longer act."

It never could.

Says who?

at least in the west, seems to be a holier than thou religion mostly practiced by spoiled brats. They don't like Jesus because people who like Nascar like Jesus, so they go to someone who Really had a bead on things. Its just a bunch trying too hard to be different. All this crap about suffering, but tweak them a little and watch for the hissy fit. Also they love to say Bhudda, Bhudda, Bhudda Bhudda, and smell there own farts.
In the East it just seems like a colossal waste of time.

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