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July 02, 2011


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It is simple.

Scrap the meat off the bones and you find death. Religion is about death, gives hope of renewal or immortality, and addresses the terror of the abyss, of non-existence, or worse existence in some eternal hell-fire or aware in absolute darkness without reprieve. So humans need religion, and always will. Religion has absolutely no other purpose than to be the Supreme Don Quixote fighting off the fear of death. Jesus saves us? Guru saves us? Saves us from what? DEATH.

Animals don't know they are going to pop-off, lucky them. They like fast-food too though.

Religion could indeed be like fast food but in our culture here it is not so much 'fast food' (which is fast changing) but more like medicine which is becoming like religion.

Imagine going into a pharmacy.

On display are innumerable amounts of pills, lotions, potions, tonics, creams...all which promise to in one way or another to ‘make’ one better, live longer,more healthy, more slimmer, more attractive, less wrinkles, less depressed, a cure for every known calamity and er, life; most with the promise to improve one self and some coming with guarantees, to fix something that is wrong, to prolong life, to give you a good feeling, and all saying that their ‘brand’ is the best, superior to the lesser ‘competition’ all battling to a greater or lesser degree with the competition.

They come in different forms, all packaged in different ways to entice or help the ‘consumer’ into buying the ‘product’. You have bottles, tubes and containers; big and small, filled with liquid in varying densities as well as containing varies flavours. Some in the form of tablets ranging from pea sized, to major big whoppers which can be hard to swallow, bitter, sweet, fruity, chalky .... and then you have creams which one can put directly on to the skin which supposedly will soak in and have the desired effect. These too, have their different textures of density and smells. Not leaving out the ‘natural’ brands that claim to use nothing but natural wholesome ingredients and in some cases use proportions of these ingredients that are so minimal that it has been questioned ‘if it is not the placebo effect’ that makes them ‘work’.

A lot of these medicinal remedies have been around for centuries and have been built into individual cultures in different ways. There has even been wars over these differences, all been about trying to control a certain product as the only one and to eliminate those who go against this with their own versions.

Some households have been traditionally handed down these ‘medicines’ from generation to generation, brainwashing the members into believing only in one 'real and particular' cure, leaving all other brands, varieties as shunned and judged. Others hold lightly to their medicine and have a different variety in their cupboards all of which can be sampled and taken if desired or not – just in case!

Others don’t believe in medicines at all for different reasons and may think they are all money spinners after spending a lot of time and money in purchasing and taking these remedies, with none of the desired affects promised, gained. Thereby coming to the conclusion that all medicines should not exist.

All tablets, potions and lotions and those against all these, have their own set of ‘customers’ who verify staunchly or not, are against the workability of these pills. Arguments break out all the time and each group believes they are correct.

While there are those customers who may see that medicine can have its uses in the proper proportion, under certain conditions with the aim to use them for a certain period as an aid to give themselves a better healthy place to be able to be at their optimum health or a tonic for some of the bugs they may have picked up, on the ‘journey of life’ having been in contact with others who may have some ‘contagious disease’ and by which their immune system may be temporarily not firing on all pistons.

Not to leave out the ones who say "there are no tablets, and who is here to take the tablets?". Nothing more can to be said about that then!

All have different gradients of workability according to the individual consumer/customer.

One also can become overly attached, overly dependent, hooked, addicted to these pills and lotions and end up ‘mis’using them, thereby giving the ‘product’ a ‘bad’ name.

For others they can be useful to have in the home and small doses taken if or when the necessary conditions arise, taking them as prescribed or until such times when they see they have helped but now no longer do they feel the need for them.

What is the solution?

We have scared the living daylights out of ourselves and others (vice versa) and now we need pills to not look at the scary bogeyman we have created, taking the bogeyman to be real, we medicate ourselves to cope....when if we question/inquire, we may see it as no more than a figment of our much too active imagination.....not real.

Are all tablets, pills, lotions and potions placebo in their nature?

Is there really anything we can really do with these ‘ailments’ that seemingly are rampant in our world? Is there really any ailment or have we brainwashed ourselves into thinking so?

That is not to put down medicine. It has its place and we all know what good medicine can do in some cases for short periods of time plus longer, depending on the given situation. There can be life saving/life changing. But the ‘problems’ seem to arise when our ailments have been relieved, whether it is ‘placebo’ effect or not is irrelevant, when we ‘hang on’ or grasp to the very medicine, believing every word and leave ourselves ‘living’ by someone else’s prescriptions/rules. Medicine has its place just like religion. Each and all one can do is search within ourselves and decide with a bit of objectivity and openness as to what suits us as an individual and afford other’s the same choice.

One man’s meat can be another man’s poison. No one can say for someone else in the long run.

Is the fear too great (death/life?), to handle on our own that we think we need ‘mothers little helpers’? We own nothing! What a drag it is getting old!
See Rolling Stones song and lyrics (wonderful lyrics and music imo)



I couldn't find the post I recently read about "give me an example of a 'go to hell' action, according to the gurus or something like that" but this seems to be in line with that train of thought:

Harry Truman once said, "I never give them hell. I just tell the truth and they think its hell."

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