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July 29, 2011


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Its not so much that they are old white men, but that their background is a western one which places a great deal of emphasis on science and the scientific method, or in other words in only believing something insofar as it is supported by evidence - and suspending judgement on those things that cannot be decided.

It is afterall that the proprtion of atheists exponential increases in proportion to the level of scientific education recieved, and the reason for this is that they understand their are alternative explanations for the world around them that do not requre belief.

The scientists may be wrong, but its no coincidence that the rate of disbelief seems to be in proportion to how scientifically-minded an individual or culture is.

Personally, I'm not so concerned about the designer arguement, which science can explain away to an extent, but there are other deeper aspects to our reality and personal makeup that at the very least seem coincidental, extermely unlikely and unexplainable. Its not just that there is mystery, but that the mystery has a semblance of order (rather than intelligence) that seems so bizarre. Where did the laws of physics come from? Where did M-theory come from such something can be created from nothing?

That was a treat! Thanks Brian.

Our understanding of the esoteric belongs to the "stone age". See the following link


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