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July 08, 2011


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Hey Brian, maybe it depends on what you're labelling "enlightenment". If it's the realisation that life is simply what it appears to be at this moment, and what you've been searching for all this time is life, just exactly as it is (or as it has always seemed to be at any rate), and that what you've been looking for is what has been doing the looking, or that "there's no such thing as a meaningful life different from the one each of us is living now", perhaps there IS something that we can call "enlightenment". By that definition, Brian, you are one cool enlightened Guru-Dude.

Suzanne, you've convinced me: I am One Cool Enlightened Guru Dude. Now I just need a t-shirt that will allow me to proclaim my enlightened state to the world.

(But if you check out an upcoming HinesSight blog post about the visit my wife and I made today to the marvelous hippy'ish Oregon Country Fair, you'll see some photos of me that definitely prove I'm One Cool Enlightened Guru Dude. Or, insane. If there's a difference.)



I think the only way to approach "truth" is to find out what is false, and invariably you find that falsehood is a statement of so-called truth that doesn't stand up to scrutiny. Science is essentially the business of disproving or superceding the current standing theory of what-is.


I need a refresher course on what 'proof' and 'evidence' is. I seem to prefer 'raw' data, that is, some sort of something that hasn't gone through someone's filtering mechanism. Now, nothing wrong with someone's filtering gismo, just that I may not give my valued blind faith to such.

Give me some raw data, and let me chew on it for a while.

Reminds me of Deuteronomy 29:29.

Kind of reminds me of Plato's cave, when he emerges and sees a shadow of a Bhuddist Monk at a hot-dog stand, who says, "make me one with everything."

I also don't think your proposed 'is' or 'being' theory is any different than YHWH or logos.

Also reminds me of the America's 4 gods quiz: http://www.thearda.com/whoisyourgod/

- God Test
- Images of God quiz

Have Fun!

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