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June 06, 2011


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I believe it is important to become an
atheist at the end of ones journey. Throw
away all religion and all belief and toss God
away also.

This is the end product of rational thought.

No belief, religion, or God.

Now one is free to live in the moment.

The journey has moved round circle.

But, now a thought comes to the person.

What if the end of my journey is the beginning
of something new ?

AronRA says, I bet there is SOMTHING out there.
Better then anyone is promoting......
an undiscovered Reality.

He is right, there is.

Great thread Brian,

It hits the spot, oh yeahhhh

Marina ;)

"Don’t you know that god loves you?"
Answer: ...Eric Clapton.
I like this one. This one exists. This name is more realistic than all the rest on the list.
May I put an ad for our Chinese creator goddess here?
Nuwa http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/N%C3%BCwa

The problem is belief. The athiest still believes in him/her self. Having this idea that one is a free thinker is the root cause of all belief/opinion. Even with good intentions, the athiest is still stuck in the same game as the religious. When one says "I" dont believe in anything, make sure the thing looking is aware of its structure. Dont say thats impossible. Go into it and find out.

Hi Vas,
The people here, in large part,
know they do not have a self.

They also know consciousness is
not a continuity.

We know there is no one...........
experiencing experience.

It doesn't come across that way to me Mike that people are coming from a place of 'no one.

People may know intellectually........but does this knowing come from the heart, that is the question? Are 'the people here, in large part' acting from oneness(no self) or from their small 'self'?


Hi Mike. If that was the case,then why all the talk moving away from the fact. Everything on this site seems to have that as a side show. "Oh yes we all know that, now lets move on." Move on to what? Talk of spirits,the Guru,levels,my beleif and so on. All the talk in the world cant cover the fact that most people on this site are searching. Thats a good thing. But looking out issue by issue, is moving further and further away. Also a wast of energy.Ask that question seriously ,without moving away. Am I the totality of the past? And what are the ramifications? The rest is just words in the wind.

For Mike or anyone else.....

Unsought in the Heart

The true measure of a person seemsto lie in the standard of their conscious and free emotional realtionship to others.

It is not found at all in their beliefs, their opinions,or their judgements.

It is not found in their philosophy, their intelligence, their skills, or abilities.

It is not found in their type, their make-up, or their particular temperament.

Rather, it is in their true intention, their presence with others, and their emotional orientation to the truth. PR

I am going to meditate now but who is doing the meditation, who is asking the questions, what am I meditating for, am I desiring to be somewhere else, someone different, am I right, am I wrong, is there a right, is there a wrong....so many questions and maybe no answers....till I make some up. :))


Marina The answers are in the seeing. Seeing the fact that the division between the thinker and thought is responsible for mans inability to see facts,with this comes action. Here you will find who is meditating,what is asking the question and the relationship between thought and time. To enquire into this is meditation in the true sense. Have a great day.

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