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June 18, 2011


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If I have a free will as I feel I have and if I can act on things around me than I can conclude, by adding the observation that only will can act on will, everything must be will.
I don't know how all the will forces act together to create a consistent illusion but If I have to use force to move an object than that object is using counter force on me the same way a wrestler would use counter force on me when I'm wrestling. Why not leave the object alone :) the dance of life, the will to life, is everywhere when crystals form, plants are growing etc.
I think it is certainly possible to change your own shape in this dream like some shamans do. Change in to a butterfly or back to Chuang Tzu.

My strange view of life

I don't believe there is a God, because
everything eats everything else.

But, I have seen a positive force and a
negative force in life.

The positive force could not be all
powerful, since it lets the world
continue to exist.

The positive force seems concerned
about other dimensions. Higher
dimensions, where it has control.

But, it is possible the negative
force was the creator of our gross

So, it would seem there are two

Not one.

Does this make me a dualist ?

My view almost sounds like Kal
and Radhasoami.

Or, God and Satan.

But, I don't think either of
these two forces are all powerful.

So, that would leave room for a
third God, that created our

I. E. God (Mother Nature), plus two forces.

So, does this make me a triadist,
instead of a dualist ?

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