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May 09, 2011


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If it's an urban dictionary perhaps it should be "it be what it be."

Hear ye hear ye, how 'bout some profundity.

The Big Bang answers how the universe sprang from nothing. The cause was explained as a random fluctuation due to quantum uncertainty.

How does a random fluctuation produce a universe governed by laws of nature? Why are there laws at all?

Science is concerned with finding the cause or reason for phenomena, yet apparently avoids its duty for the cause or reason for the laws themselves. Instead, science says that is just how things, it is what it is.

R.H. Randy R...cosmologists do a lot of talking about the "multiverse" these days.

If there's an infinity, or near infinity of other universes, then everything that can exist, does exist. So there's an infinity of different laws of nature in those universes, including universes with no laws, I guess.

Still, your basic point seems correct. We still end up "it is what it is," even if we extend "it" to an infinity of universes, not just one.

The multiverse theory actually compounds the problem.

Not only does it offer NO reason why there are laws, but now needs to explain why there are multiple possibilities (i.e. different sets of laws).

A theory of an infinite number of universes has an inescapable conclusion; our laws are just one random set in one random universe. The only way this can be accepted is that it is what it is, not unlike the Lord God Almighty.

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