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May 30, 2011


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Way to go Brian!!!!

I will certainly contribute to the next million page views.
But watch out, Brian - you could inadvertently become a cult figure!

That's a whole lot of Oneness expressing as Brian and all the others

Brian is being humble. His Club has now moved on to the first page of Google
if you punch in Radhasoami.

It strikes me funny, at the moment I am
looking, he is right under RSSB official
web site.

It appears Radhasoami people find Brian as interesting as their own Guru Gurinder.

And why not, Brian is more fun.

But, I do wish EVILDOER would return.
You people had so much fun with him.
Since EVILDOER obviously works in the
giant Beas computer room, maybe Brian
could petition Gurinder for him to be
sent back.

Evildoer will return...at least 3 more times anyhow :)

Before I add 'my' congratulations to you also Brian, I would like to know what congratulations means to you?

What meaning do you give to 'congratulation' and I am not being smart here.....

Does it mean you have made it? Made what?
Does it mean you have achieved something? Achieved what?
Does it mean it adds something to YOU?
What does it mean to you?

Just wondering ;)

Beas computer room where they disabled the caps unlock? :)

Marina, if someone says "congratulations," the meaning mostly is in their own mind, since they came up with the idea of saying what they did.

As for the recipient, in my case I simply look upon that utterance as being akin to a hug or a handshake -- a way of reaching out and acknowledging the other person's presence in a positive way.

It's a social ritual of sorts, "congratulations." Harmless, pleasant, enjoyable both to give and to receive.

Well some of the comments on congratulations didn't appear to come accross the way you put it "...a way of reaching out and acknowledging the other person's presence in a positive way.

But, I did ask you and on that note:

A big hearty handshake and a big, big bear hug to you!


One million page hits means people are being helped.

People are being told the truth behind their

People can finally make informed decisions.

For many decades the only material was published by the cults. They took advantage
of this and lied to the public shamelessly.

Now days people want the truth at any cost.

They don't have time to play games in a busy

By providing hard documented facts the
public can make their own decisions.

It is not only Radhasoami which was swamped
with critical information, but almost
every other cult.

A tidal wave came in so fast, the shysters
could not contain it, even with the net
loaded with their moles.

It seems reason has prevailed.

The world will be a better place for children.

Brian is one of many people doing their part.

If one lives life and never helps anyone
else, what good was that persons life ?

Brian is living the jnani life.

The jnani dies in the heat of battle.

When the Samurai dies it is with a flaming

The jnani will be insulted and harassed
to his final day.

Thatb is the glory of the jnani.

Yes Mike, Brian also lives and still meditates so by that he still follows his guru and guru belongs to RS. And my oppinion is that followers are making a 'cult' by that i do not mean Brian. Cause i never felt by being initiated by Gurinder i was mislead by a cult fraud cause my life changed on a better way . But the thing was that i noticed that by listening to 'some' satsangis who were and are closed minded i was on the wrong way. So i never was involced much in seva local satsangs and stuff like that but i do enjoy debating with open minded people from all ways of life. For me a 'satsangi' is he who lives with his own truth and by that his truth makes him truthful.

Hi Mungos,

It's OK to be a satsangi here.
It's OK to say you are doing fine.
We appreciate honesty.

Brian is a jnani. That means he
realizes there is no self. Brian
lives the Tao and has shaken
off religious beliefs and the belief
the guru can help him.

Meditation for Brian is different

Brian is a jnani, which means he is
part Samaurai and part Martyr.

The things Brian is saying to people
may take many years for them to

Much actual experience is needed to
comprehend the depth of Brian.

But, years down the road, they will

Brian sacrifices his life to make
your childrens' lives better.

Brian sacrifices his life, so that
people never have to make the same
mistakes he has made.

The jnani is so dangerous to organized
belief, that upon death, the opposition
must cut up their bodies and dispurse
them to all four corners.

The opposition must curse the name of
the jnani.

For there is no one more dangeous, then
the one whom tells the truth.

Upon the death of the jnani, the other
jnanis then declare :

He went out like a jnani.

We are proud of him.

Meditation for not only Brian but also for me is ever changing. Maybe some people cannot follow that change or are maybe too strongly looking in another way, i don't know. I think he is does not sacrifice for 'our' children but for himself, wich is very fine with me. But i do enjoy reading this kind of forums and blogs much more than local satsangs, cause Dear Mike if you'll agree with me what is the difference between local satsangs of any group and this online what should i say satsang. That meetings are under the organisations and this is not so wich representative or speaker on local satsang can assure me that he is not speaking BS. My answer -noone.So i ever was what i found from myself in myself and out of myself. If you say that Brian is Jnani that i can say to you that i am a punk rocker or a reggae rebelion who ever wanted to think of himself even if i am wrong many times. This little song says much: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8X8nRxsTgzA

So i think of like this:

Jesus was just a man.
Nanak just a man.
Kabir just a man.
Tao just a man.
Brian just a man.
Mike just a man.
Gurinder just a man.
My gur just a man.
Me just a man.

Well Mike,

On reading your post about Brian having over 1 million hits that he is helping people, you could say the same for a porno site - which no offence to Brian, but probably can amount to more than a million. (I assume) or at least the collective porno sites.

"Brian is a jnani, which means he is
part Samaurai and part Martyr."
you say and also "Brian sacrifices his life to make
your childrens' lives better.

What, I ask is the diffence in some of these statements for example and what RS 'sevadars' do? To me there is absolutely no difference. But I am open if you wish to add anything else.

Are you Brians 'head sevadar'? Or do you have Brian up above all the rest of us?


Just after seeing the video you posted Mungos. I liked :)))))


"Brian is a jnani, which means he is part Samaurai and part Martyr."

quote Marina quoting Mike

What is the difference between what Brian
does and a sevadar does ?

The sevadar gets paid in karmic kudos.
The sevadar is out for himself and his
own self interest.

Brian helps people for free. He sees
broken famalies and the extortion of land
and money by the guru.

Brian sees people following a religion
which is based on a lie.

Any decent person would try to help
people being abused.

Wich family did he help? Mine? Am i abused? Nope. i am not abused i do not follow any dogma and i am living my changes and i came here not for knowledge or info but i read this blog from time to time cause i agree on some stuff here written but were in my head also before initiation and this blog. Come on Mike i know many families RS families with great life and happines and also many christian, muslim, Krishna, and buddhist...If i go directly to satsangis i met many of them who realised many of this stuff here long ago and they went from local groups but are stil sitting. Infact from my begining i always hang out with people like you are here (open minded)so no i do not thin Brian is helping any family he like you is expressing his thoughts. And Brian is writer and he has to write somewhere and this blog is exelent for him to do that like i am musician and have to play somewhere. Look Dear Mike i don't know if Brian remembers but he was the man i sent him email right before my initiation and he helped me with some final decisions but he was not the last and the only one whom i asked some questions.
I like your writings Mike and of Brian and of Tao. Look i am honest with you i even go to my wife many times and i say to her look this man Tao and that Mike with many gurus they are wise men and i like them but what bothers me is why so many times the abusive talk especialy from Great Tao and i saw that behaviour even on those who did not attack him. Look friends be wise and smart like you are but try to avoid the abusive talk cause you really are to wise for that. It is enough that fundamentalists are abusive so i think you are to wise for that and Mike no i am not abused and i still like the meditation and when i not i just don't meditate. Peace and Love from me

Hi Tara i was very happy when you addressed me as brother. Thanks Yes i agree with you but that about 'lie' i don't know i feel it different and i cannot described right now cause i don't know how.Look i am a jazz musician and artist and my mind was from my birth on set finding the other ways or maybe the real roots ways. It goes like this for me:

The what and who i need, yes i need.
I need you Tara,yes i do,
I need you Brian and Osho, yes i do,
I need The Great Tao and Dear Mike,
I need my parents,oh yes i do and like,
I need my best friend wife,
and so the life of my children.
I need the ups and downs
i need food to live,
i need a place to chill.
I need Gurinder and i need a critic,
I need me and i need me again
i never want to loose me
i want to become me.
And by anything else before.
i am trying to become human first.

And a little from my world to all of you for a little pause and good vibe.

That's a good point Tara and Mungos are

Lets say all of us here run out and
buy Hondas on the same day from the
same salesman. The same year and model

10 years from now we meet here to discuss
our experiences with our exact same cars.

What will happen ?

Some peoples cars will have broken down
and had defects. Other peoples cars will
have run problem free without a hitch.

Now if this was a club to discuss automobiles,
we would all start calling each other liars.

But, in fact we would have all been telling
each other the truth.

So, we exsatsangis say our cars were lemons.

The satsangis say our cars run great.

And, we exsatsangis might say something like,
are you sure your car is running great ?

The tires are bald, the motor clinks, it blows
out smoke and backfires.

And, the satsangis might say.

It is by the grace of God it runs.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your reply. I do see what you are saying regarding Brian's site helping people even as a way to challenge their beliefs and dogmas.

I don't however see Brian, as any more helping me than someone at work giving me their opinion on another way of doing or seeing things and how they can be done. If it feels right, I may do it.

My feeling is though, if someone just happened to come across this site and see comments about Brian being a martyr or blog master, it can be easily taken out of context and seen as no difference than to what others (including myself) have done around RS/BJ or any other group/teaching for that matter – put someone up on a pedestal and take it that this person is more special than ‘I’ am. It seems irresponsible or giving away our power to someone outside ourselves.

To say Mike, that 'Brian sees people following a religion which is a lie' doesn't hold true for me. I would see it not BJ telling me lies but the lies I tell myself, in making it what I want it to be and how I want it to be.

I also don't see myself abused my RS. I never felt that way. I am beginning to see again, how I told myself things that suited me.

What do I get from Brian? I enjoy his blog. I think he can be funny at times. He seems intelligent. He has very interesting viewpoints, the same Mike with everyone’s comments.

Admittedly, some I have strong reactions towards, some I thoroughly enjoy, other I may 'not get', though all good. I do see that a lot of my stuff is coming from a personal relationship with myself, taking things personally one way or the other and I am left wondering sometimes what it is all about. Trying to see someone’s point of view or them seeing mine, making subtle judgement about what is right or wrong - in the end all personal. Sometimes I do see the funny side of it :)

"Sometimes someone's " thoughts " expressed here on the blog end up helping another tremendously and unknowingly

I fully agree with Tara's statement above.


Hey Mike i would not buy a honda i would buy a mountainbike.

And Mike my friend i am non of ex-sat, or sat., i was born like me am living like me and will die like me.

Ah Tara, you sometimes make me laugh.(sometimes)lol lol

I was just about to post to you about how I see your comments to me as being sarcastic and in a intelligent sarcastic manner, not directly and then I read this! lol

Ok, I'll take you at your word here when you say you're not being sarcastic as it doesn't seem to be. But nothing wrong with being sarcastic.

Oh Tara, but the other post on the other thread, did seem a tad sarcastic. And do you know how I know? Ah, I can be sarcastic myself and I see that.

But on the congrats thing - lets just leave it at that, we will agree to disagree.

Now regarding the 'ice cream', I am grateful to the vendor and I feel I can choose any ice cream I want. Also I can choose to have as many flavours I want and also, I can look at different vendors and sample their ice creams too. lol ;)

I don't know what the 'vendor' may think of this, but to me, well it's ok :)))


Yes Dear Mike let's see the Honda story.
The story:
Yes we would all buy Hondas but before actualy drive on the street Mike would switch to Suzuki for a few miles and than to Nissan and before first crossroads Mike would be driving Trabant. Another ten different cars would go through Mikes hands when suddenly he finds out for Peugeot but the very point is that according to Mike the point is to drive bacwards but the hope for others is gone cause this model which Mike has is out of stock. And than comes the drastic change and Mike comes to movie The Cars and he mysticaly realises he is Matter and that everybody else are mislead by the Honda company. But hey, gosh i love this smile and the tooth.http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_6SXoWYUJKms/TSJnjLbKEKI/AAAAAAAAA2E/FSkpasabxYg/s1600/Disney_toys_cars_Mater.jpg

But please no offense my brother, respect.

That's funny. You thought when you
joined RSSB you got a Maserati. Instead
you got a Honda.

But, what about me, I was not only initiated
by Charan and reinitated by Gurinder,
but by Kirpal and all his successors.

With Kirpal I thought I got a Turbo Charged
Porshe. Instead I got a Subaru.

Morning Tara,

My, the blog seems in such good form today! Just like the day.

It is a beautiful day here, the sun is shining and the birds are singing. I shall go in for a swim today, my first of the season. Though saying that I shall have on my wet suit and hope for no stinky jelly fish!

Regarding sampling ice creams – it’s great, licking all those different flavours and it makes ‘licking the dry stone’ a bit less boring!

By the way, if you do get a good Zen book, simple to read, I would appreciate the title :)

Have you ever listened to Adyashanti, oh I think he’s great. He is another of my gurus!
I have so many of them now in my basket, just in case!!!!

PS Mugos, I love your posts. You are so funny..............;))))

I am feeling a little bit hard done by. I got no car, all I got was a TRIKE!


Tara here is another for you of modern times it is Israel jazz.

And Tara be aware of this groove.


The most excellent Zen book of all time is (imo):

The Zen Teaching of Huang-Po:
On the Transmission of Mind

translated by John Blofeld
published by Grove Press / Evergreen

you will never regret having and reading this book. if you never read another book on zen, you should get and read this one book.

Amazon listing:

Hey Tao did you read this book i am looking it for sometime to buy it.

Tara did you try http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/
It is worldwide free shipping.

Hey there!

I'm a visitor from Germany and I've been following this blog for quite a while! Congratulations to the 1,000,000! And Thank You for being there!
Mungos: Thanks for the links!

Check my website (but its in German) ;)


a very strange thing,
a blog which is having a million page views,
has only 29 fans on facebook?
now this raises a question?
that his blog is just read,but seldom believed.
people come visit,and just leave.
i think only a countable percentage are taking interest in the subject of this blog.

mia, I hardly ever use Facebook. I set up a Church of the Churchless page just to test out how this works -- wanted a page for another project.

Day in and day out this blog averages about 700-800 page views. Probably about half that number are individual visitors (people apparently look at several pages at each blog visit).

So that's how the blog got to a million page views: slowly but steadily increasing readership.

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