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May 01, 2011


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Looks like this "kind" comment was written by someone representing The Department of Public Relations for "Hell Realm #6". Surely a follower of this Incarnation of the Divine would represent The Master in a Loving Compassionate manner.....or maybe not. ;>}

This hate mail raise some questions

I wonder, when someone can describe
Hell so well, if that is because of having personally experienced it?

If Hell takes reservations, can I buy and is it possible to cancel the reservation later on?

How long do I have to meditate to develop this remarkable state of Loving Kindness?

- Perhaps the author of this great piece could explain a little more about his experiences.

Whoever wrote that mail needs to develop the ability to listen to his own guru. Gurinder singh never refers to himself as Almighty BabaJi. Rather he simply gives his message. While I don't agree that meditation is what life is all about - or even the way - He is at liberty to give out his teachings and those who wants to listen may do so.
This fanatical writer obviously doesn't listen to his own guru too well. Gurinder tells disciples to meditate and also talks a lot about the ONENESS. He never asks people to worship him as God in human form - even though that is what traditional sant mat teachings state. I can only suggest that the writer of the mail stops and pays his guru a visit - he might need an update of what his guru teaches. One thing is certain that he certainly does not encourage his disciples to go around telling people they are going to hell!

Osho, good points. Here's another one: I've heard that the RSSB guru says that it's a good idea for prospective initiates to seek out information on the Internet, both pro and con, about Sant Mat teachings.

So it seems that the very Baba Ji (Gurinder Singh Dhillon) whom my "go to hell" correspondent wants to protect is urging people to visit web sites such as this blog.

2A. The first row in First Class faces a bulkhead and I want to be able to put my heaven carry-on bag under the seat in front of me.


--I need an update on why a pig likes dirt. I'm guessing the dirt or mud that the pig puts on it's outer areas, is to provide some sort of protection from long periods of exposure to the sun. So, the dirt/mud acts as a sunscreen? Please, does anyone have some helpful info? Oh God, you will go to heaven, if you can help me. Best wishes, Roger

If that letter writer is not going to Hell, how bad can Hell be?

Tara, he definately preaches ONENESS and when people quote the books - he says burn the books, or he explains that you are not supposed to take those things literally. Like raining cats and dogs does not mean real cats and dogs. He often says that the master is not coming at the time of death because if there is only ONE - who will come and to fetch who? and where exactly will he take him? However, the audience of satsangi followers have no idea what he is talking about - and they think it's all some kind of joke to make them meditate harder.
People continue to believe what they want to believe.
Yes - really he should withdraw the outdated books because they contradict what he says - and also he should stop aff the preachers from doing satsang - because many of them are still preaching sant mat 1.0

Some have no idea that the software has been upgraded to version 2.0 and 3.0

maybe they need to download the latest version - so they are on the same page as their master

Yes, he should burn all those silly, confusing books from those past outdated masters of another time for another people. Then everyone should get cosy, feel great about themselves, tell plenty of jokes and work only towards experiencing that they are one thing.

Brian and Tara, you might find the person in question sitting right next to you in First Class, laughing and joking all the way to the bank.

Re "HELL" blogger-he apparently has not lost his "Fundamentalist" approach to spirituality-he reminds me of a Bible-thumping Baptist-or any religion preaching Hell and Damnation.As for the RS cult-it is just another of thousands of family owned spiritually bases businesses in India.-Jennifer

I think his parting shot, "HAVE A NICE TIME IN HELL", would make a good bumper sticker.
It could have a smiley face with horns.

Oh come on, that letter is brilliant and hilarious. But s/he's a troll, nothing more - let's not ascribe it to an actual satsangi.
Seriously, does anyone actually think this was written by a someone even remotely familiar with the teachings and practices of Sant Mat? When was the last time anyone heard a guru or anyone in the sangat preaching even the existence of hell, much less say anyone was going there?
The closest to that I have ever heard is when G-man responds to questions, usually from some lost ex-Christian seeker, saying something to the effect of "Hell? Of course there is a hell. Dude, open your eyes, it's all around."
Or am I missing the real meat on the bones of RSSB?

Man did he really type it like that? i mean come on you would think since using such hateful words he could at least appear to be somewhat intelligent. Im with you Bryan. so i reckon since ole boy dishing out eternities in hell i might as well get in line with you and wait my turn to burn to. this guy must really know something we dont. cause he got me shaking in my little Taoist space boots.


It could be worse.

you could be a woman in Pakistan or Afghanistan ...ya couldn't be sent to hell --you'd already be in it.

Religiously sanctioned misogyny and a painful telling of its most horrendous consequences.


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