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May 17, 2011


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Also I don't even think it is necessary to punish people in jail while they are alive. I think that if someone kills someone else than the killer is the one that will live with it the rest of his live being hunted and punished every day. We don't need a hell or a prison for that, these images are symbolic for what guild does. These hells and prisons don't solve anything also the public judgement does not add anything positive. Leave the killer alone and he will learn fastest is my opinion. It is easier to live being a victim that being a criminal. But then again we need a way to protect us and a prison might be just that to protect society against people that might likely do something again because they show no remorse. In that light a hell might have the same function? But in most cases i don't think we should be afraid of a criminal because it is more likely that a person without a criminal record might harm us. To be clear I'm not talking from experience except that I lived very close with someone that likely had these experiences but never talked about it. I have seen what guild does.

My own opinion is that hell is something we might chose. I once had a dream where I saw a woman climbing over a fence and disappearing into the wide nothingness. Her name was noted when she disappeared but it was likely that no one would see her again. In that dream she chose hell, all we could do was make a note and hope she will ever return.

I would like to add that the mentioned dream is in fact about a woman committing suicide for the reason that she wants to end all existence. Existence can be so overwhelming that one wants to end it all.
Others chose to experience punishment because they perceive themselves as bad. They have chosen to do bad things during their existanceand now after death they can not do good things anymore so they perceive themselves as eternal bad, so eternal punishment is the logical consequence.

What they both did realize however was that either there is not a god to rescue them or god was at the other side of the bars to punish them. They both where right in realizing that they had there own responsibility and that in a way they where alone in the huge choices that they could make.

I think you have to maintain your identity above anything else to remain in these hell like states. If you chose to realize that your essence is there before your existence than you realize your essence is not bad nor overwhelmed because your essence is not touched by existence. Essence goes before existence.
So if somehow you still exist after death, you can chose the eternal punishment, the emptiness or you can realize that you are much closer to your essence sometimes called the sparkle of the light that is within you. Realizing this essence is there is crucial even during our earthly existence. It frees you more than god does!
Tell me if this doesn't feel truthful?
Also giving up your free will to follow someone else does not really free you from your responsibility and is in a way choosing the vast emptiness of non-existance.
Just my thoughts, hope they resonate in someone at the same frequency :) After all I posted about this dream than I should at least try to explain this archetypal experience...

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