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April 09, 2011


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Sant mat gives the disciple 'hope' and a goal to reach - namely to 'get rid of' the ego and thereby reach the fictional place called Sach Khand. In order to do this - the disciple spends hundreds or thousands of hours of his life sitting and 'meditating' - hoping to get somewhere. When he doesn't he blames himself - because his mind is not pure enough or he is doesnt have enough love etc.
It never occurs to the disciple that perhaps - like you say here - the 'ego' is just made up - an illusion - and therefore there is nothing to get rid of. As long as he is 'trying' to get rid of the ego - that effort will keep him deluded because he is pre-supposing that it is real.
The disciple is trying to 'save his soul' and take it to Sach Khand - so cannot see the possibility that there is no separate soul and nobody to save. The effort to 'get somewhere' goes on until the day he dies.

Santa Claus is at the door !

How many people here got up
and just ran to the door ?

No one ? Why ?

Because the thought is neutral.

You can only act on thought if

In just the same way, the 'selfless'
cannot be moved to action to wax
a self they know doesn't exist.

No matter how fast the thought appears.

Therefore, stilling the mind is a stupid
idea created by the Saints to only
suspend the mind (self belief).

Vanity causes a great deal of movement
in human beings. Vanity to sit at the
right hand of God causes the greatest

The selfless may have minds that continually
twirl around at dazzling speed. But, the self belief cannot create action.

The mind is not the enemy. Thoughts cannot
hurt one unless the belief is falacious.

Belief hurts people. Belief in a self,
belief in a God, belief in a religion,
belief in a politcal party.

The self waxes itself with beliefs.

Without beliefs, the self cannot exist.

Without a self, beliefs cannot exist.

Beliefs cannot move the selfless to action.

Therefore, the selfless are harmless.

Religion is not the solution.

Religion is the problem.

"what I used to look upon as 'hard' truth has become a lot softer." - Now there's the gist of it - even for scientists.


Love your name, if I may be so
subversive to say so.

Isn't it great when these people
talk Zen ? Doesn't it make you
feel young again ?

At championship fight was held
at Madison Square Garden.

The jnani against the Zen master.

The referee said shake hands and come
out fighting.

The jnani immediately punched the
Zen Master on the nose and knocked
him to the mat.

The Zen Master looked up perplexed
at the jnani and said, "why did you do that ?"

The jnani replied, "You hesitated".

How did the event go Brian ? any RSSB believers in attendance ?

Dogribb, this was just a small gathering six people (basically a book discussion group) in our home. I'm planning to share some of the themes that came up in our interesting neuroscience discussion in tonight's blog post.

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