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April 23, 2011


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The Sequoia trees of California actually need fire as part of the life cycle.Years of fire fighting led to that insight.Governor might as well pray to reverse the laws of thermodynamics or gravity.The Universe is not....."Egocentric"


I'm all for a more "homeopathic" solution: everyone in Texas should wash their vehicles simultaneously, then spend hours waxing and detailing. Everyone knows that cleaning your vehicle causes rain. Works every time for me!

I say pay some Indians to rain dance - they at least are the professionals - doesn't everyone believe in that?

I think they should try some reverse psychology on God and try to trick him. Pray for more drought.

Living in Texas, as I do, I think three days of prayer for rain is a brilliant idea! When the drought continues, we'll have great evidence of the effectiveness of prayer.

Texas has angered God and God is making them pay! I don't know what Texas has done wrong, but obviously God is pissed at them.

Grunt: electing George Bush as governor would be my guess.

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