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April 13, 2011


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I do believe RAS was a Discordian Pope.Who simultaiously would conver the same status on you and excommunicate you at the same time...lol Seriously RAS was someone I read wih interst during my Novice RSSB stage.A good thing too...he fanned the flame of my doubt

I think you've just mellowed with age, Brian...it's a common unfolding story.

It may not be well known,
but in the 70's Brian was
quite subversive.

Here he is,the middle figure,
in a group of exsatsangis:


Braint RAW...oh just noted all the typo's in my previous post...sorry

Here's some stuff to chew on


Gurinder Singh Dhillon just transfered $250,000,000, a quarter of a billion dollars, to buy up the stock in a company run by his Radhasoami faithful board members.

The vulture not only eats his prey,
he sucks the blood from it.

The Vampire Godman.


"Brian" is a joke which some take seriously.

David, who would that be? Even my dog thinks I'm laughable. You should see her expression when I tell her, "You've already had your chew stick dessert. No more tonight!"

A few minutes later she's chomping away on a fresh set of chews, surely thinking in her canine brain, "That guy is such a joke."

Hi Brian,
That's funny. Considering how ugly
Rajinder is, its strange the moles
think he is God.

The hypnotic trance of these people
is remarkable. It's historical
fact, Yognanda studied mesmerism
before becoming a Guru.

I'll bet if you placed one of these
people lying between between two chairs,
you could stand on their stomach.

That's why I consider the Kirpal group
the most dangerous cult on the earth.

Complete and total denial. They are
very ill and you must help them.

Logic and hard facts will not work.

Therefore Brian, I think the study
of hypnotism would be good for you.

Until I studied it, I could not figure
these people out.

Read up on it, you will be amazed.

Satsangis are literally zombies.
They are groping in the dark, crying
out for help.

Their subconscious minds actually do
want to be free, otherwise they would not
be here.

You are the only hope they have.

My favorite limerick:

There once was a young man from Didjin
Who had great disrespect for Religion
He shouted out: God! These three are so odd!
The Father, The Son, and The Pigeon!

I read it in an Alan Watts tome at least forty years ago.

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