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April 05, 2011


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you love Alan Watts I love you ;)))

"Alan Watts has a knack for taking familiar subjects and looking at them in a fresh fashion."
quote poster

Watts was a student of Jiddo Krisnamurti,
also, whom greatly influenced him.

Watts realized his Zen buddies were making
mistakes and must have realized they
were not enlightened, as they were infering.

But, Watts became enlightened. He decided
his mission on earth was to untangle the
Zen web for future generations.

It does not take long to realise what
Watts was saying, was very much different
from the standard rhetorical teachings
that preceded him. Radically different.

But, he could not come out as a debunker.
He had to change peoples minds without
them realising what he was doing.

He did not want to uspet the Zen community
as Jiddo Krishnamurti had upset Theosophy.

Read Watts, The Way of Zen." He was not
upsetting the apple cart. He was overturning
the apple cart.

Watts was not out to teach people how to become enlightened. This is not the purpose of the jnani.

Watts was out to show people what enlightenemnet was not, so they would
not hurt themsleves.

The Gordian Knott was never unraveled.
It was sliced though with a sword.

This is what happens when we take our mystic's experience (gleaned on the inside) to the outside, conceptualize it, and sell it into a religion or cult.

Clip below: My Sale, my Little Pet = Mystic Experience and how to destroy it. (about 43 seconds into the clip)


“You know,” declared J. Krishnamurti , “words are dangerous things because they are symbols, and symbols are not real.”

Hi Dogribb,

Yes, I know. Grin.

I hung around Jiddo Krishnamuti
for quite awhile.

Watched lots of people come
to debate him. The most
interesting were always
the Zen.

They were sure they could outlogic
Jiddo. But, it didn't take long
before they left very humbled.

He would always dismantle the Zen
piece by piece. Until they simply

Reason why ? Jiddo was already at
they place they were trying to get to.

They soon realized that.

That's the roll of the Master...dismantle the phantom and point to the reality of being and BOOM !!! K
JK was like calculus to me ,ponderous and abstract.How many finished the trip via his approach or any for that matter ?

Hi Dogribb,

Your right. I never finshed the journey
while Jiddo Krishnamurti was alive despite
all my years around him.

But, he was not trying to enlighten people.

He was trying to help people get out of cults. He was the product of the Blavatsky Theosophy under Besant and Leadbeater. he
was hailed as the Lord Maitreya and the
Order of the Star was started to help

He rejected Gurudom and Godhood, then
turned on Theosophy and debunked it.

While he debunked it, along the road he
debunked everything else.

Yet, he was full tilt boogie enlightened.
But, he still rejected Godhood.

He was the most knowledged person
on yoga I have ever met and his experiences
internally were of highest nature and was
taught by high powered masters.

Ironically, like Houdini, he spent his life
debunking the occult.

See his incredible story below. Without any question, he was the most extraordinary
man I ever met. No master, guru or anyone
could match him. His thinking was so advanced, it almost seemed like he was not human.


Leadbeater was "Trolling" on the beach more like it.I find it amazing that this pedophiles proclivities in procuring boys led to the dissolution of the movement.
JK was a good transition object for me when I left RSSB.I made sure I was equal to the task of absorbing and admiring him and his teachings as well as dismantling the obvious attachment I was gaining from the inquiry.

Hi Dogribb,

Jiddo was the son of one of
the Theosphy's members. Although
history records Leadbeater as
his finder it was actually
Annie Besant whom picked him.

Annie and Leadbeater adopted Jiddo.

It seems Leadbeater was a pedophile,
but he never bothered Jiddo, or his brother.

RS people find it amazing Jaimal Singh
was a pedophile with little girls.

Salig Ram threw Jaimal out of his
satsangs for this and other reasons.

Next, Misra threw Jaimal out.

Jaimal actually lived with the two
little girls down the street from
Salig Ram's satsang.

Annie Besant was a woman rights activist
and an atheist.

Jiddo was on in a billion. To this day
I can't figure out how Annie picked such
a remarkable human being.

Jiddo was the most honest human being
I have ever met. The stories written
about affairs with his editors wife
are untrue, written by the editors
daughter to make money off books.

He dressed extremely well and did have
2 sports cars. But, I remember them as only
Austin Healy's or Martins, nothing
expensive. He was a simple man.

I used to watch all kinds of Gurus and
masters come to him. In private they
would fall at his feet.

Mike..the stew around Jiddu and UG's forceful admonitions against him Cuckholding his best friend,later drinking during his cancer,endless abstractions etc were not as important to me as the message.Im sure many were helped by Osho as well even if you didn't approve of him per say.I dont care about other great souls,because are they not all objective to me?Plus I was done with the Master Game.

Jaimal a pedo eh? Hadn't heard that but why be surprised? I've been waiting for a sex scandel from the present fellow for some time

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