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April 25, 2011


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yip them hawaiin islands look pretty amazing, like paradise on earth, came straight out of the sea yesterday in geological terms - the home of surfing, the most iolated, the most volcanically active and the wettest place on earth i believe.

Just came across these thoughts from J. Krishnamurti in "Freedom From the Known." Resonates with the sort of feeling I related in this post.
Say you are walking by yourself or with somebody and you have stopped talking. You are surrounded by nature and there is no dog barking, no noise of a car passing or even the flutter of a bird.

You are completely silent and nature around you is also wholly silent. In that state of silence both in the observer and the observed -- when the observer is not translating what he observes into thought -- in that silence there is a different quality of beauty.

There is neither nature nor the observer. There is a state of mind wholly, completely, alone; it is alone -- not in isolation -- alone in stillness and that stillness is beauty.

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