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March 12, 2011


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Well said, Brian!

Group-think is an extremely powerful force. I know it all so well too!


Even the Radha Soami master tells us the 'real' master is inside. Very simple comment but people don't seem to understand and the master's words quickly pass into more and more words.

All the love and devotion given to an external entity - however beautiful it may be - isn't the aim of the radha soami teaching. The consensual gaggle of groupthink along with our own conceptual non-sense do tend to drown out the 'small inner voice' of conscience (and often the voice of reason) from being heard.


BBC the influence of ideological systems....Milgram's experiment redone on obedience to authority. Very Sobering.

a lot to think about. Kudos to the man who got up and refused to go on delivering the electric shocks.

I've heard satsangi's tell other satsangi's to do something because "Master said he wanted this done"...and even though it was totally unreasonable and at times even dangerous, they did it anyhow. And so this is a problem.

There is no 'real'master inner or outer for RSSB. What passes for devotion can be seen at any Justin Beiber concert

I would like to ask the author of this b log,
being spent so many years,according to this blog,around 35 years.

What did you gained,by being involved in a organization for so long,and suddenly coming up with this blog,and acting as a rival to the group you were deeply involved into.

And why you took so long years to realize,isn't 35 years a too much time to realize what you achieved.

And one more point i would like to ask,do you regret being an ex-rssb,or you take it as a part of life destined to you.

A little information about me,
I have a interest to read,about many spiritual organizations,i cannot say i know all about RSSB,but what all i know,i found lot of contrast and contradiction in your blog.

so i would like to know more deep details about your inner feeling for RSSB.

Mack, I certainly don't feel like I'm a rival to anybody. On this blog I simply write about what comes to mind. Rarely, these days, do I write about Radha Soami Satsang Beas. It just isn't on my mind as much as in the time period immediately after I stopped being an active member of the organization.

I don't regret my thirty-plus years in RSSB, though I don't believe those years were "destined" in the sense you probably do.

I guess my current feeling toward RSSB is similar to my current feeling toward my first wife. We got divorced in 1989 after about eighteen years of marriage, most of which were happy years. With both RSSB and my first wife, we had good times and we had bad times.

Now, I don't think about either one very often. RSSB is doing just fine without me, and so is my ex-wife. There's a time to be married, and a time to be divorced, whether we're talking about being connected with a person or an organization.

I'm not sure what you mean by 35 years being "too much time." People change throughout their lives. Some people are married for fifty years, then get divorced. Other people are married for five months, then get divorced.

Haven't you gone through a lot of changes in your own life? Have you always lived in the same place, driven the same car, eaten the same food, been involved with the same people, had the same job? We all change. Changing spiritual beliefs is a part of that changing.

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