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March 06, 2011


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I love this stuff!

At the same time, I find it impenetrable: I can read about the theories, but I find it difficult to contribute to the discussion or question the theories.

It is a little like christian priests using Latin in the old days, and before the bible was translated to more common tongues.

The layperson had no way of examining, analysing and possibly refuting the assertions of the priests, because only the priests understood the language needed to decipher the texts.

Now, I am definitely not saying that the logic of priests from the middle ages is comparable to the scientific rigour of modern physicists.

I guess I am just saying I feel like a peasant.

Maybe I should brush up on my maths and enroll in a physics major!

If there are so many universes/dimensions, I wonder if it would be possible to communicate in some way with the denizens of other universes?

If gravity does in fact leak, we may be able to send signals through that leakage in some way.

It would be like a SETI program, except it would search for interdimensional/ interuniversal life.

TonyM, that's a creative idea -- embodying a message in gravitational leakage. I doubt it's possible given current scientific knowledge. Heck, physicists haven't even found evidence of the leakage itself into other dimensions.

Consciousness, if somehow it had an immaterial component, could be another means of communication. So most mornings I start my meditation off with a "hello" to any sentient being who might be aware of me.

I figure it doesn't hurt to be friendly. If aliens take over the Earth, maybe they'll remember my "hello" and make me a ruler along with them.

Your morning 'hello' has got me thinking:

We can't see other dimensions (at least, it hasn't been scientifically proven)... but it doesn't necessarily follow that other dimensions can't see us.

Saying a friendly hello may be a very wise move in that case!

Fritjof Capra was on about this sort of stuff back in 1975, in "The Tao of Physics". I think these guys borrow a number of interpretations from eastern mysticism to interpret their mathematical models. Nothing like the religion of physics.

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