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March 24, 2011


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Even the seeming obscuration is still only that-Sailor Bob

Seems like every person who ever had a comforting thing to say about death is dead.

I'm just sayin'.....

Thanks for your reply Brian.

I think we are all prone to have 'ups' and 'downs' depending on what we read, digest and understand.
Some things bring comfort, others more fear.

You (and others in previous blog comments) have provided a whole host of things for me to read into. Thanks for that.

After wandering into this site i found myself busily [i]googling[/i] away while my real life took a back seat (nothing concentates the mind like the BIG meaning of life question).

Strangely, i found some comfort in cosmology and quantum physics forums. The very people who have done so much to disprove the idea of a post death existence.
Those guys are interested in hard facts, proofs and cold equations. They are not here to make people feel good.

However, there is so much more to understand about the universe's origin, our being here and what the future holds.
The picture is not complete.

I'm not chasing a Creator, an afterlife or a rebirth. Just some viable theories that our fate isn't cast in stone. The eternal nothingness.

I've been looking at 'illusion of reality' videos on Youtube. Some interesting stuff out there. Just beginning on the bbc ones.

In the meantime, perhaps this is a light introduction to get people thinking?


Thanks again Brian. This site is bookmarked and i will return here and use as a point of reference.
Better get back to my life now. I think i've earned that chocolate muffin!

I share your fears, it seems the idea of never existing forever after we die is a constantant worry for me,because of my strong former beliefs in the afterlife and reincarnation also mainly because of loved ones who have gone or will one day go or broken relationships that never had a chance to heal.I think the same, that if the state of mind that yogies try to achieve is no mind or no personality,being reabsorbed back into life itself,then it seems that its the same as no more existance,no more person who once was,who smiled,talked or loved I think no wonder these masters cant contact us or suddenly appear before us despite claims of supernatural powers, its because they exist no more,lost in time forever gone as we all will one day.I'll give those books that you suggested a read ,I think I need to.

There are a few other thoughts I have found comforting. First and foremost, fear of death itself - like any other type of inevitable pain - becomes almost pleasurable if you just REALIZE it's a good thing in and of itself. Like you said, this is hard to describe in words because it's as emotional as it is rational. But the best analogy I can draw is that if you're walking outside, and it is terribly cold, you can simply TELL yourself: "I enjoy this bitter cold. It is refreshing and wakes me up. I feel AWAKE." And when you tell it to yourself, you realize it actually is true. One could imagine a future world in which people are immortal and plugged into non-stop pleasure machines - a kind of matrix - and you are given a choice: would you rather exist forever in this constantly pleasurable "existence" which is meaningless, or would you rather flicker for a brief intense moment, experience both pleasure and pain? And you say: "yes." And here you are. And you don't try to avoid the fear of death, you let yourself feel it because, like the bitter cold, it makes you feel ALIVE. In fact, the MORE afraid you are of dying the MORE excited you are to actually BE alive (I mean, how amazing is that?). And you feel grateful for your fear of death because you are grateful to exist at all, and nothing else has made you feel THAT ALIVE and THAT REAL, and feeling alive and real is the best feeling you can have while living.

Michal, I like your approach. Nicely put. I've had similar feelings, but haven't been able to describe them as cogently as you did.

Sometimes people say, "I'm not afraid of death." To which I reply, "Well, I sure AM!"

An acquaintance once said of me, "Brian doesn't want to die because he is enjoying being alive so much. " That rang true to me.

Your comment is sort of along that line. Being afraid of death is part of being intensely alive.

As long as we're alive, let's cling to life -- loving it, wanting more of it, fearing the end of it.

I can very well imagine a fear of death without the right information,

In this case the discussion about subjective and objective knowledge
isn't there because the digesting thoughts are also subjective

In my case and I have told here so a long time ago my fear I had at the time that was more justified than Brian's - perhaps you remember :

before ever heard of rssb i practiced some hatha yoga exercises from yogi ramacharaka which brought me almost immediately in complete HELL which also constantly growd ( my fear too )
and I had enormous difficulties of stopping that processus
I still doubt if I stopped that myself

I swore never ever again to do any meditation !

Even my highligh later in rss meditation started with a broad look on what exactly represented my ego, which was so ugly that it
made Pol Pot a Saint in comparison

It was clear to me that my ego part would do anything imaginable and that only favorable circumstances prevented a moral catastrophe

Lucky for me in THAT same meditation
I also experienced the Sound and it's relation to the words and to the what's called God - which would have made my ego wild in narcisme if I wouldn't have "really lived" that black side

More than Dante I was informed about the subjective realities in my brain included "death"

It is completely the presence of INFO which can relieve or not relieve
from fears

While subjective, I am sorry, the secondary effects of rssb meditation like knowledge of several past lives but also about lives to come
together with the "who am i "
and of course the 'super crush'
which makes death a peace of cake
( I m almost 80 and un-expressable happy 24/7 but that is
what readers have seen already)

So, Brian You know the solution, . . You of all people


would you rather exist forever in this constantly pleasurable "existence"

Constant pleasure is impossible. Pleasure is, by definition, the opposite of pain; you can't have one without the other.

So if you're really determined to enjoy life, you can't shy away from pain and suffering. Pleasure and pain are inseparable.

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