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March 30, 2011


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Dear Brian,
Just growing old seems to do this without any effort.
In fact it is fun.
All the best

No matter who comes out on top in this struggle, the tension that comes from clinging to the dualistic psychological rope doesn't go away.

Isn't that the friction that gives rise to you Brian ?

Twelve-step programs have letting go as the ultimate healing action.

Letting go? "Wait, wait, how far is the drop"?

The radiation is coming! The radiation is coming! Chicken "Biggle"

Try letting go of that thought.

"why discipline, as usually understood, is counter-productive in Zen practice."
quote Benoit

Beautifully stated.

I have never met an enlightened Zen person.

And, only read one enlightened Zen master
called Alan Watts.

There is a major problem with Zen. The
people claiming to be enlightened are not.
Therefore, they usually make things worse.

And, Zen master scandals are as bad as
Radhasoami masters, maybe worse.

The parroting of words can never be done
accurately by usurpers.

The enlightened don't want you to become
enlightened, so it is very rare they say

"WHO" is there that can practice Zen ?

"WHO is there that can be, or become enlightened ?

"WHO am I", or better, "Am I a "WHO ?"

All thought is impersonal. "WHO" personalises impersonal thought ?

"WHO" personalises the consciousness ?

Does consciousness exist ? Or, is it only
a word trying to describe the continuity

If there is nothing continuous in us
and nothing that can be personalized ...

"WHO" will become enlightened ?

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