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March 02, 2011


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Quicksilver Messenger Service

The song of my generation.

How's this for spontaneity!!


IMO, Quicksilver Messener Service was certainly an underrated band outside the Bay Area Circle.

Here's another gem of theirs!



Two of the members of Quicksilver Messenger
Service eventually went to Jefferson Starship (Airplane). The above song was
the astonishing result.

I saw Quicksiver Messenger Service
in concert at the old Long Beach Auditorium
(CA) about 1969, when in High School.

The auditorium was so filled with smoke, I could barely see the stage. It took me hours to find my way home after the show,
despite the fact I lived on the Beach just a few blocks away.

Long Beach City became filled late at night
with people just wondering around. Too many
for the police to take to jail.

My God.... those were the good ole days.

One hell of a revolution.

I wish I could say it changed everything.

But, corporate America rules the lives of
our politicians and homes.

It appears democracy has failed.

Even Obama took $500,000 EACH, from the top
5 Presidents of American Oil Companies.

Yet, we sit on the greatest reserve of natural gas on the earth.

At some point the U. S. Dollar will fail.
Our true national debt is estimated
at 100 Trillion Dollars, not the 15 Trillion they tell us.

Only one other country in all of history
survived this ratio. England, after the battle of Waterloo with Napoleon. The
Rothchild's, whom now own half the net worth of the entire world, before
debt expansion, had bought up all the gold
in Europe, to pay the soldiers. They used bonds and just barely survived.

Today the Rothchild's are the dominant figure of the Federal Reserve, which are private bankers supporting the USA and many other countries.

Lincoln and John Kennedy both tried too
stop them.

John F. Kennedy once said if people really
knew who controlled the power in this world,
they would be astonished.

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