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March 10, 2011


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So the conclusion is: reality is primarily unconscious, and consciousness is a spurious outgrowth of complex molecular arrangements.

Seems kind of obvious to this particular brain - I cannot speak for other brains.

No awe or mystery here - consciousness is a mistake of sorts - a blind alley. There is nothing the brain can become aware of that will be of value in stopping the inevitable disintegration of all forms of organization - particularly the organization of the tissue that conceives of disorganization.

To perhaps paraphrase a snippet from a Pink Floyd song : "all you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be".

hmmm you say you love 'mystery' and yet seem to KNOW that 'you' = your brain?

Well, let me see. Ok light implies dark, and vice versa. For you not only cannot HAVE light without dark, and 'it' is a wholistic dyanmic process and polority---same is so for good and bad, front and back, inside and outside, life and death, annndddd know and unknown...! This means you will never be able to know the mystery of what you and everything is, becuase there is no such thing as JUST-knowing. There is always know and unknown. So therefore you cannot know you = your brain, can you? Well you can, but........

Willie R. Indeed. That is what it is all about in religion and spiritual paths. Death. Is there anything left of *me* after tissue disintegration? If not, what does it matter, we are just babbling away on death row.

Brian! Please write another book. We could begin suggesting titles, like: "AfterCult"

Jon, it wouldn't be hugely tough to write a book based on my churchless musings, given all the stuff I've put up on this blog over the past six years-plus.

I just need to do it. Along with getting my first book re-published (it's been rewritten but not completely edited), which is my first priority.
Keep those title ideas coming.

Where may one question you?
i am interested in nondualism (Advaita)but i haven't found the answer to, why on earth do we have a body if only the Self is real.
Om Shanti, Sholom, Salaam, Pax te Cum,

Jon Weiss - there is no "if" about anything being left of us when the brain ceases to function. There is nothing there to begin with!
I guess it is easy to refute such an assertion by asking what it is that knows for sure that there is nothing there to begin with.
Well...it is the "nothing" itself (sic!) that knows this. The universe (which includes anything that any sentient brain could imagine) is equivalent to the condition out of which it proceeds.

My prosaic summation: Reality has absolutely no features whatsoever. Intrinsic to Reality is a tendency to attempt to be something that Reality is not, which defines impossibility. Ergo, existence is impossible. The hallmark of existence is transience. It is transient because Reality, no matter how it "tries", can never exceed itself.
But is has loads of fun trying!

Bob, you could always send me an email. (click on "email me" in right sidebar) I don't have any answers about duality and non-duality, though. I'm not even sure if we humans are able to ask the right questions.

We're alive. We're conscious. We're experiencing. More and more, that's enough for me.

Worrying too much about the why's and wherefore's increasingly strikes me as unproductive, but since I used to engage in such ponderings a lot, I can understand the appeal of doing so -- and don't see anything wrong with this.

http://adf.ly/2FvCb life after death

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