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February 11, 2011


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Many of these mystics appear to have had significant relationships with the wealthy ruling class. It appears to me that each of these mystics have their own particular personality and set of engagements they take on within their life. However, I certainly don't want to listen to a Path of the Masters thumping politician.

$$$$ = politics.

if ya want a non-political teacher
make sure he or she is not
submersed in $ prosperity $
$$$ with many millions of disciples placing
rupees in the passing plate.

No wonder the Jain's of old headed for
the bush butt naked.

Still waiting for a good old fashioned sex scandal

I have been to Dera many times and have NEVER heard the master promote a political party. At satsang I heard him ammounce, via translation, that in a coming election he wanted everyone to vote according to their own conscience and that neither he nor the RSB organization recommended one party over another.

There is a possibility that Baga Ji is being consulted so the politicians can see how better to serve the local community rather than using the master as a tool for election. There is a lot that stinks in modern sant mat, but I don't find the aroma here particulary pungent.

Howard -- politics is immensely more complex and subtle than "promoting a particular party"....that would be so clumsy and crass. Sheesh.

Dogribb --- Sex scandal? Doubtful. I don't think the incumbent guru is a Democrat (jk)

@brian hines yu are true soldier of master charan singh he is god u talked abt politics in beas i lived in punjab near beas i see all the things seriusly and i tell u that beas are never support any political party hence they give advice to sewadars or iniators abt not to be involved in politics many leaders are came in beas for vote but at the end master said that to all there iniator to vote as your wish we not involved with any one and also master setting example he is having very simple life he spent very less amt in his son marriage he advice to all that not waste your money he said to all iniator to come if u want to learn dear brian its kaal or negative power which make your difference otherwise i know right now that yu believe in master and involved with meditationu earlier blogging abt 250 million from religare its really important to search where this money is used as far mine source is concerned most of these money used for spiritual purposes making satsanghar all over india needs huge amt of money now there are near 1000 satsanghar or palace are made in punjab itself its need money thats why master earns money only for spiritual purposes he is really true master as yu was learn from dng meditation

sajan stated:

"master charan singh he is god"
-- that is only your belief. to other folks, its ridiculous nonsense.

"also master setting example he is having very simple life he spent very less amt in his son marriage he advice to all that not waste your money"
-- how is he "setting example"?? is using his postion of power and and influence to acquire millions of dollars an example of "having very simple life"? hardly. and acquiring great wealth (by questionable means) and then telling others "not waste your money", is extreme hypocrisy.

"its kaal or negative power which make your difference"
-- that is only your own belief. where is the evidence for that?

"abt 250 million from religare its really important to search where this money is used as far mine source is concerned most of these money used for spiritual purposes"
-- and how do you know that? where is the evidence of how he uses the money and what for?

"making satsanghar all over india needs huge amt of money"
-- so what? thats what money seva donations are for. he doesn't use his own money for satsangars and expanding rssb. you are obviously not well informed.

"its need money thats why master earns money only for spiritual purposes"
-- he doesn't use his own money or religare money for funding satsangars and expanding rssb.

"he is really true master"
-- only in your own opinion. others consider him to be a blatant fraud.

Was at a meeting of investors recently in London, interestingly a rep from Religare was present, looking to invest.
Religare, so I understand, has close association with RSSB present master, who is generally considered to be GIHF. Religare makes investments, so if it is linked directly to God, who knows everything, then the element of risk is removed from investments made by Religare. Surely this is an unfair use of God's power and gives Religare a somewhat head start over its competition? Unless of course, Master is NOT GIHF, in which case the deception is an even greater misuse of power over some 2 million followers who believe otherwise. Something does seem wrong, which ever way one looks at this one!!

The "Gurinder Singh Blog" appears again in the following listing!


Whatever you say about it,but still there are lots and lots of people who believe in him,my grandmother has taken namdan and practising for the last 19 years,there must be something about him.
Even i seem confused sometimes but after all 'Faith'and 'Love' are also something that exist within us and we must pursue them.

radha soami ji!we must respect and obey our parents,,but not by insulting others...like this if some people found anything bad in radha soamis,then they can go whereever they want..but writing bad about any 1 is not the solution....radha soami to all the souls.


You are GIHF!!! Even GS...so to speak!!!

From the Hindu, and Sikh point of view everyone is GIHF...but we are all Gods trapped by Kal, or our own minds. In other words, we are imperfect Gods...!





gihf, wow... your Sant Mat spiritual practice is really paying off for you. You've learned how to annoy people on purpose and call them names. Congratulations.

Only one GIHF is a Shepherd whereas other GIHFs are sheep.
Only one GIHF is a Bulldozer Driver whereas other GIHFs are tied to the Bulldozer.
Only one GIHF is a Fisherman whereas other GIHFs are fishes.

You people dont have any work other than cursing RSSB.. Get life buddies... Think about what level of negative vibes you are spreading... These are bound to come back at you.. At that time, there will be nothing else but guilty and regret with terrible end..

God Bless You All..

Sudeep, thanks for the compassionate, loving words. Obviously all of your meditation and devotion are doing wonders for you. Keep it up. It's great to know that I'm going to meet with a "terrible end" one day. That'll be fun!

Also, thanks for reminding me to get a life. I looked for one on Amazon a while ago, but they were all out. Maybe they're back in stock now. I might get two, so I don't run out of lives again. Actually, I didn't even know that I was missing one until you pointed out that I didn't have one. Much appreciated.

Lastly, it's good to know from your last words that God has blessed me. But if that's so, why are I going to regret my "terrible end"? Shouldn't I have a wonderful end if God has blessed me? Guess I don't understand the subtleties of your theology. Probably it'll become clear at my terrible (or wonderful) end.

Sudeep, dear Satsangi

Even I have come to realise now that I have crossed-the-line in my aspiration toward HONEST LIVING.

As such, dear Satsangi, my latest aspiration - let me say, perhaps even my new Mantra - is HONEST SEEKING. Yes, repeat, as I am now trying to do daily ... HONEST SEEKING, HONest SEEKing, HOnest SEEking, Honest Seeking, honest seeking, hon... See ...

I suggest, as I have suggested to all my Satsangis - including those here, my once-upon-a-time-satsangis - to understand the nature of my Mastership as a means to making progress on the inner path.

Look to such ancient psycho-religious practices as Huna to understand 'who' I am & how-I-do-it! See the import of the art of suggestion & the dynamics of mesmerism ... for that is what I was taught in my schooling in RSSB Mastership! I refer you again to Max Freedom Long, 1948, The Secret Science Behind Miracles ... for that is where I have gained inspiration to do what-I-do & to-do-it-so-well.

Take heart Satsangis - life is but a dream & my dream now is to undertake some HONEST SEEKING...HONEST SEEKING, HONest SEEKing, HOnest SEEking, Honest Seeking, honest seeking, hon... See ...

Radha Soami,


The mystic path is not something that can be intellectually realized. We are in this creation due to the mind and its egocentric tendencies. What we need is faith based devotion that can lead us to greater understanding and awareness. The mind is a tool that can only take us so far. It is like taking a small cup and trying to fill up an ocean. God is that infinite ocean but we are using our small intellectual cup to gather up knowledge of him. Do we even know who we are? Are we this body or what we think? Theres no reason to slander mystics when one has no conscious awareness of self.

Brian; Reading this post was rather interesting. Thank you for the news article. My Mum watches Indian News and not a lot of news with substance is reported; it's mainly Bollywood gossip.
I wonder if Gurinder Singh actually believes he is God In Human Form....Positive thinking and affirmation; putting oneself in a role so speak and playing out a character until the end of days is a common mantra amongst self-help Guru's. Perhaps Gurinder felt he could fake it until he makes it. He's been doing it for so long that he may actually believe he is indeed GIHF. He may be trying to revise the SantMat teachings so he must be aware that a vast majority of his followers believe he is GIHF. Even if he does not truly believe it he could never debunk the statement; and if he were to try, it would be taken as an act of humility on his part. I am beginning to believe Gurinder is bulletproof. There is no way he can be caught out as a fraud. The latest version of SantMat may be a subtle way of hinting that Gurinder's view on what God is has also changed. I have to give credit to Gurinder for achieving so much in life. He is a business man at heart and has made himself into a sought after commodity.
What irks me is that we were led to believe that the Truth is constant; everlasting and the one thing in life that doesn't change....Gurinder fails to present esoteric truth in a concise manner. He is very much pseudo-spiritual in his ramblings and yet diplomatic. If you try to call him up on it; the Sangat laugh at you and brand you arrogant as you stand with a mic facing Gurinder whilst he tells you that the truth is so big our limited minds could not possibly fathom it. It's funny how some concepts lose their lustre with age.... first love, now God...

If you try to call him up on it; the Sangat laugh at you and brand you arrogant as you stand with a mic facing Gurinder whilst he tells you that the truth is so big our limited minds could not possibly fathom it. It's funny how some concepts lose their lustre with age.... first love, now God...

So true, Gurinder has much leverage over critics in the q&a sessions.
I wish more intellectual questions were asked in q&a, there are a lot of stupid & repetitive questions such as 'I can't do simran' and help find my daughter/son a suitable partner.
In the forthcoming q&a sessions, i wish someone says to him 'talk to me about Faqir Chand', now that would garner my attention.

His response would probalby be 'i'm aware of Chand, we have to do what we feel is right, his answer would be probably be very nebulous.

I'm going to HP for the 3 days, are you going? I heard that there are going to be satsangis from a lot of countries, there might be over 25k satsangis. Also everybody will be checked by the security prior to going inside the tent.

Thanks Gaz. What dates are Satsang please? And will you asking a question?

I've read Brian Hine's book God's Whisper Creation's Thunder and was quite inspired by it. I feel like the person that wrote that book is now challenged by his own belief system. What happened in your life that has made you this negative towards spirituality? I know faith can be challenging. But mystics have always been prosecuted. As a Sikh I know the history of the ten Gurus and some of them had to give up their lives because of the arrogant rulers of those times. Jesus met the same fate aswell. An individual's belief system on God does not change his existence or reality. You can choose to believe or not believe in gravity but falling off a building will have the same effect on a believer or a non-believer. We can sit here and argue all day on whether God exists or not or whether the mystics were real or not. It would do no good because each individual has to earn his own faith through devotion. Devotion may yield no visible results but a person undergoes changes nonetheless. Look at all the vast studies on how simple meditation can change the neuroscience of our brains and can make us happier calmer individuals. Meditation helps anxiety and depression etc. If you don't see any light, so what,atleast you're becoming a better you. The Dalai Lama has a book called the Art of Happiness which teaches positive self affect and how meditation can improve your life and guide you towards compassionate living. I know I myself do not have 100 per cent faith like I would like but it's a day to day progression. I do know that when I look at Baba Ji I personally feel as if he can see through to my heart and tears of Love well up in my eyes and I feel an intense love which I feel for no one else in this creation. Love is caught not taught. It is a gift from the beloved. He may be a millionaire but he dresses in simplicity and leads a simple life. Would you accept him more if he were poor. That would be more to your liking? This is my last comment because I don't want to spend my time reading discussion boards on God. I know 100 per cent though thta God does exist I see him in the eyes of my 1 year old daughter, I see himin the beautiful flowers that bloom in my garden and I feel him in the beautiful sunshine I feel on my skin. Wishing you all my loveand best wishes. God bless.

The dates are 26,27& 28. This time there will be more public than usual. The seating arrangement is not so good in HP.

Anybody knows how much is the income from seva (donation)during his visit.

26th,27th,28th April, I can't ask because I ain't got the guts lol, if you attend, you should ask Gurinder about Faqir Chand.

Half of the bloggers here want to know Gurinders perspective on Chand.

Hey Juan,

Are you attending the satsangs? I heard that there will be sangat from 10 EU countries and Canada, HP will be packed!

If some leader wants to meet babaji what should babaji reply him with..A straightforward 'No" ..oh! then you are gonna call him rude..If he lets politicians come and meet him .. what the hell is wrong in that?
Mark my words how much ever ignominy you people try to cause to dera..the fact remains that followers will keep rising exponentially because this is the matter of love...although you people won't understand but one day you will..someday when you're destined to attain salvation..someday when the love develops for god and so does that non-quenching desire for reunion with him..

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