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February 02, 2011


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Hullo Churchless!

Feeling a bit cranky? Well we all have our moments. I must confess, I too listen to Rhodes, Beck, Schultz, Limbaugh and other dime-store polemicists from time to time in keeping with my own personal predilections for perverse amusement.

But we have to make an effort to maintain equanimity in such pursuits, especially since the only ones likely to be touched by that burning and unexpected eruption of moral indignation is ourselves.

No, we don't have to be tolerant of particular views and people. We are entirely free to be angry and intolerant, just as we are free to wear shoes that are a size too small.

Brian from Colorado, reacting to the world around us is what being human (or another species) is all about. I responded to what I heard from Randi Rhodes; you have responded to my response. And so living goes.

Listening to Rhodes, I didn't feel pained -- like your shoe-too-small analogy. I felt like what she was saying was wrong, and shouldn't be a basis for how society/culture operates.

I had much the same feeling earlier in the day, when I saw clips of people being beaten by thugs in Egypt. Your call for equanimity is worthy in some circumstances, but irritation (or even outrage) is an entirely appropriate response to other happenings.

Emotions are impossible to do away with, given how our brains have evolved and operate. And who would want to have life become a flat-line of affect? That's called death.

"keeping with my own personal predilections for perverse amusement."

---These personal predilections could form into a belief system(religion). Please provide a name for such religion. I shall remain calm and wait for a reply. I like "perverse" amusement, and may desire to join.

With apologies, I am trying to link to blogs with similar interests. The post linked below should be of interest to most readers of this blog, as I find this content interesting.


Frank, your photonic metaphysical musings are interesting. I basically agree with your observations about mystery. The cosmos is way beyond the ability of either science or religion to comprehend in its freakish strangeness (to us; the cosmos, I bet, feels absolutely normal).

There are some typos in your piece which should be corrected when you have a chance, since I found them a bit distracting. And sometimes the meaning of a sentence was unclear.

Randi was replaying the religion/atheism conversation today, of which I caught the tale end.

I was appalled. What happened to the Randi I used to love? Yeah, she was hard to take sometimes, but she used to be pretty rational.

Her specious pro-religion arguments were absurd. A creator programmed our DNA for belief in god? Meditative states were proof of god? People willing to die for their beliefs is proof of god?

She's lost the plot. And my respect.

Come now Churchless, I'm not advocating elimination of emotions - just putting more focus on dealing with the negative ones constructively so we can spend more time projecting the positive ones. That's hard for any of us to live up to, for sure. But now I definitely think you're a little extra cranky today! :)

Roger, my personal predilections have DEFINITELY led to religion. I'll let you join the cult, but must warn you up-front that the weekly tithing rates are steep. With the price of gold being what it is these days, installing the right bathroom fixtures in my personal living quarters at the center of the compound ain't cheap!

Brian from Colorado, I guess I misinterpreted your "But we have to make an effort to maintain equanimity in such pursuits." I certainly did just that, as a few moments after getting irritated at Randi Rhodes my emotional state passed.

Funny, I don't feel at all cranky today. Or, yesterday.

"......the weekly tithing rates are steep."

--OH 'MY' GOD!!!!!!!!!!!

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