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February 22, 2011


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this here is, by far, your best blog to date, imo.

In the fleeting passage of phenomena consciousness behaves actively and reactively. We are not part of this phenomenal parade or charade if you like, but are always prior to it. In reality, nothing moves and there is only stillness.

The idea of life can only exist where there is the idea of death. In the absence of both concepts what remains is what we are and this cannot come and go. It is present yet hidden in all states, this stillness, but always continuously available as it is.

Forever we try to uncover an answer. We blog on and on imagining anything is happening at all and there is a solution to it.

The non-answer is the gap between thoughts. Mind doesn't like gaps and tries to fill them. The Gap is the enemy of existence, the enemy of self, the enemy of 'I'.

The Gap is an empty stillness that blows away the mind and self. In it, the mind evaporates and there are no dimensions. You are the biggest, the smallest and everything possible and impossible. You are infinite space and no space at all.

The Gap is so light that it is unbearable and we continuously seek to fill it. Ironically we resist that which we seek. It's our home where no home exists.

Come into the gap where you can't exist.

Do you dare?

Al. A. Mo, thanks for the poetic comment. But neuroscience has found that even when conscious thought processes are stilled, the brain is still churning away, doing all kinds of other stuff.

So it isn't really possible to produce an empty "gap" in our consciousness, since much of what goes on in the brain lies outside of our conscious control.

"So it isn't really possible to produce an empty "gap" in our consciousness"

Right, but there is a gap between thoughts where consciousness/being, as it is, resides.

Well, that's a theory. For thousands of years philosophers, mystics, and others have tried to figure out the nature of "Being," assuming it even exists. Lots of opinions, including your own. No facts. Each to his own, when it comes to Being.

I'd suggest that even in between thoughts, the human brain still is producing consciousness. Otherwise no one would be aware of not having thoughts.

It's difficult for me to accept that a product of the human brain is "Being," which seemingly would be much more transcendent.

"Otherwise no one would be aware of not having thoughts."

--That is the experience of no self. No one to know it. That is the truth.

In "Being" the human brain and its products seem to appear if there is someone self-identified via thought processes to conceive them. Otherwise, NOTHING IS for what would know it?

There is nothing. Never was. Never will be.

That is the only possible answer.

How could something come out of nothing?

"But there appears to be something", says the shoemaker.

Only if there is an imaginary entity to think so.

Death: "If ya ain't got nothin' you ain't got nothin' to lose." -Dylan

Unrelated link but still of interest


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