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February 12, 2011


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I recently came to the exact same conclusion. There's no such thing is right and wrong, just do what you want!

What's missing is the realization that nothing is missing.

As an ex-Satsangi and a follower of all the things you mention, I came to the same place. I laughed out loud. How seriously I took it all. Thanks for the reminder. I wonder if I had to go through all the discipline to reach this---who cares?

SwamiB..what type of dog must walk with to have this realization ?

Dogribb, I recommend a Shepherd/Lab mix, such as our Serena. You get a nice balance of yin and yang -- the calmness of a Labrador Retriever and the intelligent intensity of a German Shepherd.

Serena's presence, and the vibes I receive through the leash, undoubtedly account for the many enlightening experiences that I enjoy during our evening dog/human walks.

"hamster cage of "must improve!"

The no possibilities, no hope ...
is this all there is ?

Unfortunately, it appears to be
the case.

Reality is a hard taskmaster.

Reality has no sympathy for us.

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