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February 28, 2011


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So you've got a package that does justice to a speedo, in addition to thriving?

I certainly don't - nor am I thriving. But hey - that's just the way life is, ya know?

Even though my interjections are largely ignored (for good reason) I still enjoy your blogging efforts.

Keep up the good work!


I like your post.

Willie, only if I get a Speedo-ized part in the film will the world learn more than it wants to about my "package." Until then, this will remain a secret between me and our bathroom mirror.

As to your comments being ignored, hey, I read them. You have an enjoyable style, in much the same way that a unfiltered cigarette-smoking, dark expresso drinking, French existentialist holding forth in a Paris coffee house on "Life, it is shit! A nothing resting on a nothing!" is "enjoyable."

Meaning, interesting. Thought provoking. Depressingly possibly truth-pointing.

So there is:

writing a blog
living in the here and now
connected to reality
not having religious beliefs
political activism
dancing the eighth salsa lesson
trying to act like a normal person
presenting a visage
being real rather than fake
engaging in relaxed openness
depression from Paris existentialism that could be true.

What remains in the absence of these things?

As Suzanne asked, "How are you, Brian?

Don't think too much about this.

Katy, when we die this world, and our self, don't exist for us any more. I'm not dead yet, so far as I can tell. So I have no idea what remains in the absence of my awareness of my conscious experience.

I guess deep sleep is the best approximation to this. And I can say, nothing remains when I'm not aware of anything.

What remains or is there, when you are aware of anything or something? Tell me, exactly what an 'anything' or a 'something' is?

I am happy to report that Almighty God did give that hyena a good spanking. End of report.

Roger is on it.

I didn't mean death of the body.

I mean, what is not aware of anything?

Are you any of these things?

Or are you the totality of existence? It's you! You never were the idea "I", "I am, or "I am a human being." You've never been any of these which are nothing more than ideas that pop up.

The ideas we have about being a separate person doing this, doing that, forms a template through which existence has the experience of human life. However, what eternally expresses itself is always existence. In its experience of being human, it merely reflects itself. As pure existence it can't experience itself, so to have an experience it needs an experiencer, an "I".

Not knowing this is fine. Knowing and unknowing are a perfect unfolding of what is. The one who knows and the one who doesn't are both appearances. Real knowledge doesn't belong to one who knows or one who doesn't know. A knower comes about only with the ides of time and separation. What really IS is unity, neither this nor that.

The separate person you take yourself to be is merely a story you're telling yourself, and you experience what you believe. What is here? "Here" is a light-ocean of vibrations, but from the experiences of your past, you put together a picture of objects and people that have continuity in space and time.

As a baby you had the experience of light and vibrations, not the experience of "crib" "Mama" "Dada" which came later.

This moment of space and time exists through your conditioning, your history, your parents, and environment. They tell you, "That's how it is here, sonny boy." But it is simply a belief. It appears real because you repeat it to yourself daily. But these things are not really there. Experiences require time, but in this instant, where are they?

What is really real is an undifferentiated light-ocean. Now.

The eternal now has no answers because it has no questions.

Musn't it be this way? How else could anything be? How else could your moment have ever arrived?.....

I move
Space becomes
Times is born
Objects appear (because I have become the subject of space and time)
Duality is established
The universe appears
I identify with objects
I suffer and enjoy

I rest
Space vanishes
Time ceases
There are no objects (for I am no longer a subject)
Dualism is no more
The universe disappears
There is neither pleasure nor pain
I am, but there is no me.


Like your messages.

Such as,

"Space vanishes Time ceases
There are no objects (for I am no longer a subject) Dualism is no more The universe disappears There is neither pleasure nor pain I am, but there is no me."

---Just total objective absence, which is the presence of as-it-is-right-now.

Consciousness mutually arises with body and world.One cannot be absent without the other two.In essence they are one.Prior to 'birth' all three are absent.In there absence all that can be present is the underlying unspeakable condition on which all conditions arise out of or appear on and disappear in.That unspeakable condition itself never manifests,yet nothing can be separate from it.We are that.

"total objective absence"

"the unspeakable condition that never manifests"

"undifferentiated light-ocean"

George will find all this mystical chatter completely irrelevant and impractical. He wants clear instructions on know how to bottle it up, use it, contain it, own it.

He is it.

I know, that doesn't help at all.


More wordage, for your files.

"All of us are not 'that', not 'this', not any concept at all. Nothing mysterious about it. Nothing holy.

Just phenomenal not-ness, and the absence of the concept of that notness."

Maybe she meant.... How is it that you are Brian ?

Dogribb, that's an even more interesting question. Whoa... now I've got to write another blog post based on the comma in "How are you, Brian?" being eliminated. Somehow I don't think I'll come up with the answer, though.

Hey Brian,

The unfolding story of your life sounds BRILLIANT, especially the Salsa classes. I have a dance most days in the kitchen - currently trying to expand my hip hop repertoire.

When meaning doesn't matter, meaning abounds.

But please, please spare us the banana hammock!

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