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January 27, 2011


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The craziness of Christianity has been effectively de-fanged and de-clawed. The big cat's roar has nothing behind it except saliva and bad breath.
Second Coming, anyone?

Sad (in a funny way) but so true. Us Christians are such a sad bunch of hypocrites. I was just telling my wife the other day, we pray for healing and then go to the doctor....because, well, God USES doctors. We have faith in the doctor. We don't really have faith in God. And I'll be thrown in hell for questioning these things.
"the tension of the opposites is turned by man into destructive conflict. Clinging to one and fleeing to the other he simply incites the one he flees to assert itself the more. ... For in holding the pleasure in fear of pain man starts the tension, ..... let it stay there." ... Alan Watts in The Meaning of Happiness.

In the end, everyone will get precisely what they want, which is tantamount to saying they will get exactly what they deserve.

Figure out the "how" any way you want, but this is definitely the "what".

"God" will see to it.

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