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January 03, 2011


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Better watch out, Brian. The slightest insult involving Muslims, Mohammed, or the Koran gets you on the same list as Salman Rushdie - your head is to be separated from your torso at the first opportunity.

Seventy-odd virgins await your attention!

I think the main thrust against modernity is simple envy and rationalization.They place God above all that is material as a trump card to modernity.Prevents them from accepting the serious lacks that their cultures possess."Your reward is in heaven"is good enough for them.

Which part of the Muslim world are we talking about? Certainly not Dubai.

To prefer traditional religious ideas, and understanding is common and may have little to do with other aspects of modernity.

I think it is important to consider how geographical and historical backgrounds can influence the trend and eventual crystalization a religion can take. When a man wants to start a movement and embark on a crusade; the notion of having God on one's side is a powerful incentive to sway the crowd and give the leader(in this case Mohammed) a sense of higher purpose. Alot of people have died because of Islam and the other world religions are just as guilty. Is it the religion or is it the followers who let their religon down? We all know the answer to this question deep down. I often wonder; if God is so powerful and all mighty; why does he need people to fight in His name? Surely, he is self sufficient and independant.
Anyway, the rigidity of the Quran and it's message has been conserved for many years. Perhaps the Mulllah's and scholars fear that a moderate and modernized version of teh Quran could lead to a religion that becomes mocked in the future for lacking any real back-bone...this is what most muslims feel about Christianity deep down....a religion that lost its way. It's an interesting subject. Islam depends on discipline as one of the cornerstones of it's foundations and it is blasphemy to question and laugh at certain aspects of that religion regardless of how "out of touch with reality" it may be. I really can't envisage a muslim comedian making jokes about the Quran and Mohammed. They will make fun of terrorism but in the Quran it does state that one should terrorise the non-believers. I'm sure the Christian Crusades were fuelled with similar motto's. The problem is; muslims who live in this country have the best of both worlds i.e. they can go to the mosque, preach to their friends and work collegues about how important it is to be a good muslim and then later on...those same muslims eye up another man's girl and all that goes out of the window. Is this hypocracy? Would it be easier to tolerate if the muslim wasn't such a preacher too? Probably; but it is a fundamental part of Islam to spread the last testament of God and revolutionise the world into Islamic Law. That would mean no more bacon sandwiches, no more gin and tonic and no late night poker for me! My good friend who is a muslim told me off for playing poker as it is gambling but he advised me to dabble in shares and stocks. He was also willing to have sex outside wedlock with a white girl but would only marry a muslim girl who is a virgin. That is as moderate as it will ever get I'm afraid....adaptation to Western society with an eventual relapse back to being good ole Ali.

Well, modernity DOES suck...

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