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January 01, 2011


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My vow is that I will not eat the spit and left overs of my guru anymore and I advise any masochist that is attached to RSSB to find a healthier self respectable way of living. Stop idolizing and give no support to people that have a psychopatic need to control others.
As a way to celebrate the new freedom I will chant the secret names of God aloud like most religions do.

Sat nam
Hare Krishna

Happy new year to all religions and atheist!

I asked Brian to remove the secret names because satsangi's might be offended. But I do have a question. Why are the God names secret? Does God have to hide himself? Christians an Budhist say Jesus or om mani pad me hum all the time believing that they are helping the world that way.

Dear Brian
Why are you so bitter towards the RSSB
You seem to have a personel vendatta with them.
Please tell us why.
Thank you

kamai, I'm not bitter toward anyone. I'm only into truth-telling and open discussion. Why are you so personally upset with what I say on this blog? Please tell me why. Thank you.

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